What Should I Make With These Cakes?

So I bought these Caron Cakes (Macaron color) a few weeks ago and still have no idea what I should make with them. I’ve really only seen patterns for scarves and kerchiefs using this yarn but I don’t need another scarf. And I’m pretty sure that my favorite crocheted item recipient/victim Aimee doesn’t want a new scarf either.

I have made a poncho for my niece Donna and a hat for my daughter Madeline using the Cherry Chip color.img_20160927_121350

Both came out very nice but I don’t want a poncho and I think I’ve made way too many hats already this winter.

This yarn is amazingly soft and really nice to work with. So I’m thinking – a nice blanket or something then I saw this on the label – a phrase that, for me, was a game changer in trying to make a project plan. HAND WASH ONLY LAY FLAT TO DRY….. and that made me sad.img_20170131_085749 So this was after I had already made my niece’s poncho – sorry sis, I hope you didn’t throw that in the dryer. If you did then I guess Donna has a cute new poncho for her barbie dolls.

At my day job I write blogs for a Janitorial Supply Distributor and I’ve recently written a blog about the dreaded HAND WASH ONLY instructions. So I know it really isn’t a big deal to hand wash a sweater or whatever, but something inside me just says OOOOPH that’s a lot of work. Here’s the thing – I’m not a picky laundry doer. I don’t ever separate anything. And having a blanket or sweater or anything that is hand wash only means that I have to be extra vigilant that it never just gets tossed into the regular laundry.

Enough about my lazy laundering problems. I have two wonderful dogs that seem to excel at the act of shedding. I suspect they are having a contest to see who can shed most. The point being that anything I make with this lovely soft WOOL blend yarn will need to be laundered at some point and probably often if they decide it is for their personal napping use.

Maybe I could make a nice handbag or hobo bag with it?  That seems like a good spot clean item. Or….maybe…..I will make whatever I feel like making and give it to someone else obviously with care instructions.

I would love to see what other people have made with Caron Cakes yarn.

~ Tami – Tanglewood Knots



7 responses to “What Should I Make With These Cakes?

  1. You could work up a pretty ombré style corner to corner blanket with these, I think that would look great


  2. I love this yarn. I’ve only made a scarf so far but it feels soooo nice working with it. I’m also pondering what to make with it. I really like the poncho you made for your neice. I may try that.

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    • The self striping worked well with this pattern! It always weirds me out when I use self striping yarn – I know that there’s just a longer distance between the color changes but whenever it changes at the end of a row I’m like OMG how does the yarn know!!!

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