“WIP it Good” Weekend Plans

The weekend is here and I am determined to get some of these crochet projects off of my WIP list. There are 4 projects in my work in progress pile…wait…only 4? No, there’s actually 2 more than that but I am focusing on these 4 this weekend.surprise-project

The first one is the highest priority, but I can’t show a picture of what it is since it is a surprise gift for my favorite extra daughter Amy. I need to get it completed and ready to ship before the post office closes at noon tomorrow. I will be posting an “I Made This”- YouTube Crochet Tutorial Review project blog after she receives it.arisafghan

The second work in progress I want to get a lot more done on is an afghan for my sister-in-law. My mother-in-law asked me to make it for her and funded the yarn purchase for it. So I don’t want to keep her waiting too long. If I finish at least one more skein on it I will be happy. I am a little worried that (once again) I underestimated the amount of yarn I needed for this project. Oh well, on the bright side I might have to go to Michael’s to get more yarn. Like that is ever a bad thing. LOL

cardiganaranfleckThe third work in progress I need to finish is one that it is really just ridiculous that I haven’t finished it already. It is a cardigan that was my own design that basically is done I just need to do the finishing stuff on it. Add 3 more buttons and sew in all my ends. Here’s my shameful secret – I have actually worn it for a quick trip to the store, missing three buttons and tucking my loose ends into my sleeves. I’m pretty sure nobody noticed.

And finally the 4th WIP I want to pick away at is a nice thick scrapbuster blanket for my youngest daughter Madeline. I have scraptastic-afghanbeen working on this on and off for several weeks. It is the project I pick up to work on when I’m bored or when I want to watch some television. It’s a wonderfully easy half double crochet repeat for every row using 2 strands of contrasting yarn. I will be blogging about this pattern tutorial early next week. I have already completed one of these blankets for my husband and Maddie wanted one too. I think I’m only about a dozen rows away from being complete. Please take notice of my fancy way of keeping the strands of yarn from getting tangled together. And my husband says there’s no need to keep empty coffee cans HA.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I would love to hear what you all will be WIPping Good this weekend.

~Tami – Tanglewood Knots

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