Crochet Hearts

hearts1As part of my “I Made This” – YouTube Crochet Tutorial Review project these three Crochet Hearts will be spotlighted today.

I chose this project because Valentines Day is just around the corner. Plus knowing how to make heart shaped motifs and appliques can be great for embellishing a lot of crochet projects. I chose three tutorials that include two pretty easy hearts and the third would be better suited to more experienced crocheters.

Crochet Project Notes – Heart Appliques

  • Yarn Used – scraps, CraftSmart Bright Red & Fuschia, Red Heart with Love Berry Red
  • Hook Used – I/9

YouTube Crochet Tutorial Information & Links

Small Heart

img_20170205_100735This is a very quick and easy way to crochet hearts. The size of the heart will vary depending on the hook and yarn size you use. This is very beginner friendly. She also includes a demonstration of how to make a magic circle to begin the project.

Stitches used – Double Crochet & Treble Crochet

img_20170205_080137Medium Heart

This is another easy heart crochet pattern. It also uses a magic circle to start. She demonstrates how she creates the magic circle which is slightly different than the Small Heart video above. Very beginner friendly, she explains and demonstrates the stitches as she crochets.

Stitches used – Double Crochet & Treble Crochet

Large Heart

This heart is my favorite of the three. I really like the lacy look. This was a little more difficult than the other two. This video is best for an experienced crocheter. The video does not explain how to do the stitches. I did need to pause and rewind the video a couple of times but it was fairly easy to follow along. This pattern also starts with a magic circle.

Stitches used – Single Crochet & Treble Crochet

There are so many heart patterns out there – I want to make them all!

Thanks for reading!

~Tami – Tanglewood Knots


3 responses to “Crochet Hearts

  1. I crocheted my very first heart over the weekend, and now I want to make more! Thank you for posting these tutorials. I love the lacy one, especially since it kind of looks like wings spread open inside the heart. ❤️️


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