More Crochet Hearts

hearts7Just a quick post today. I have a lot of things to do and the time is going by way too fast.

Here are 2 more Crochet Heart Patterns. These were a little more tricky so I will not call them beginner friendly. If you pay attention to the video tutorials you shouldn’t have much trouble with them. A very determined beginner could probably make them just fine.

Crochet Project Notes – Hearts

I used medium worsted weight yarn (4) from my scrap stash. I used an I/9 size crochet hook.

YouTube Crochet Tutorial Review Links & Info

Large Hearthearts4

I just have to say it – I Love The Crochet Crowd! Mikey is an excellent teacher. My first attempt at making this Heart turned out badly. That was ALL me – I thought I was so clever and crocheted ahead of where I paused the video. Well, what I missed was a change in stitches from single crochet to double crochet. That will teach me to think I know more than the person demonstrating the pattern. 🙂

Mine turned out a little larger than what I would consider a coaster, but it is a lovely heart just the same. Mine is also a little weird on the top but hey, love is supposed to be a little weird right?!?

Heart String

hearts6If you are familiar with how to make a Puff Stitch you shouldn’t have any problem with this pattern at all. In the tutorial she uses crochet thread and a smaller hook. I used a medium weight yarn because I only have full balls of crochet thread at the moment and did not want to open one of them for a scrap project.

If you are ever bored and looking for crochet project inspirations on YouTube this is a channel you want to follow. She does some beautiful projects and has some lovely crochet patterns for tapes and borders.

I am excited to find some more Heart Tutorials and I will share them with everyone.

Thanks for reading!

~Tami – Tanglewood Knots


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