A Couple of Crochet Hearts

The two hearts I made today could not be any more different in style and skill level. These two lovely hearts prove that opposites do attract!


I have had so much fun the past few days making these heart themed crochet projects. I started with the Granny Square Heart on the left today and completed it pretty quick. So I thought -Nice, I’ll be able to find and make one more heart and then post my blog before breakfast. Then I spotted the tutorial for the heart on the right and knew I just had to make it. As it turned out, this was was a lot more tricky than I had anticipated. It started out easy enough, but then became a little more frustrating when it came to crocheting the actual hearts. I pushed through it and I am so glad I did. Needless to say I saw breakfast and lunch pass by before I was able to finish, photograph, and write this.

Crochet Project Notes – Granny Square Heart & 4 Heart Square

For the Granny Square Heart I used CraftSmart medium weight (4) yarn in Fuchsia & White.

For the 4 Heart Square I used Caron Simply Soft medium weight (4) yarn in Autumn Maize and Autumn Red

I used a size J/10 6.00mm hook for both.

YouTube Crochet Tutorial Links & Info

Granny Square Hearthearts20

Granny squares are the best – quick, easy, and use up all of the scraps of yarn you have laying around. This is an Easy project – however, this video is not a tutorial for how to make a basic granny square. If you are a beginner that knows the concept of Granny Squares you will have no problem making this at all. If you haven’t discovered the wonderful and versatile Granny Pattern here is a link to a good Granny Square Tutorial posted by Jayda in Stitches. Quick and easy projects are great but this cute little heart has a lot of color changes and a lot of ends to sew in.

4 Heart Square

As I said earlier this heart pattern started out easy enough but got a little tricky when it hearts18came time to crochet the red hearts. Each is done individually and there’s a little bit of fancy hook work to get the sides of the heart attached to the “frame” of the pattern – in my example the gold part. It took me a few times watching that part of the video and jabbing my hook through the wrong way but DON’T GIVE UP if you decide to make this square! After I got the first heart done, the second was much easier, then the third and fourth hearts I knew how to do without needing to refer to the tutorial. It is absolutely gorgeous – but I don’t think I will be making enough of these to turn into an afghan. But you never know – I might see some colors that would look amazing with that pattern. 🙂

I hope you enjoy these hearts and have a go at making them – I know I did!

Thanks for reading!

~Tami – Tanglewood Knots

8 responses to “A Couple of Crochet Hearts

    • Thanks Robin! These were fun to make and believe it or not I had never made any hearts before! How have I been crocheting my whole life and never made a heart??? LOL My daughter asked if she could have all of the ones I made in February and now she has them hanging on her bedroom wall. ❤

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