Granny Square With Heart

Continuing with my Valentine’s Day themed projects, today I chose this amazing Heart bigheartgranny2Granny Square. Let me tell you why I think this is an amazing Granny Square.

  1. It’s pretty
  2. It’s easy
  3. It’s huge!!

I love Granny Square blankets except for one thing – you have to make a lot of Granny Squares. My “crochet” attention span is not long enough to commit to doing an entire Granny Square blanket. I have tried to get an entire blanket finished – there are at least 2 Granny Square blankets in my “almost” forgotten abandoned project pile. Why this Granny Square is amazing is because it is 10 inches wide!! That would be a lot less squares I would have to make and sew together.


Crochet Project Notes – Heart Granny Square

For this project I chose some bright colors that made me happy! It has been cold, windy, snowy, icy, rainy and very wintery here for the past few days. I was going to reach for the Reds and Pinks that I have been using for my Valentine’s mini-crochet projects, but the tutorial I watched used similar colors to the ones I chose and I thought they looked nice together.

  • Both yarns were Red Heart – the pinkish color is Red Heart Classic in color Sea Coral & the bluish color is Red Heart Super Saver in color Jade. I like the way that the Coral color makes the blue tones in the Jade pop. Looking at the skein it looks more green, but next to the Coral it looks more tealish.
  • I used a size I/9 5.25mm hook

YouTube Crochet Tutorial Links & Info

I loved this square right from the start. And it being a Crochet Crowd tutorial I knew I wouldn’t have any problem making it. It is actually pretty easy. Mikey explains and demonstrates every step really well. Based on this I would even say this is beginner friendly. bigheartgranny

I was tempted to cut my yarn and tie off before I even started the “squaring”! I thought the heart by itself with the ruffle around it was so sweet!

I can definitely see myself making a baby blanket with this pattern – maybe join some smaller squares around this one using classic Grannies…… the next baby shower I get invited to, or whenever my oldest daughter decides it’s time to make me a Grandma this will be a priority project!

Thanks for reading!

~Tami – Tanglewood Knots



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