Crochet Slippers


Today I am spotlighting some warm and cozy crochet slippers in two styles. I made three pairs of the classic shoe style slipper for my son, son-in-law and hubby for Christmas gifts. The bootie style slipper I made for my daughter. These were quick and easy to make with bulky weight yarn.

Okay so technically I didn’t actually finish one of the pair of slippers – my son’s, but he’s a good kid and has forgiven me for putting them into the WiP pile. Which brings me back to today’s topic. I was looking at my works in progress and panicked because there are hats & slippers that are like 90% done and if I wait much longer to finish them winter will be over! So I grabbed my hook and decided today I am going to “get after it”! I will finish the slippers and I will finish the hats – I swear, I will!!

Seriously what kind of weirdo am I that I don’t finish a hat or slippers?!? They only take a few hours to make…..   I have chronic and severe CADD – Crochet Attention Deficit Disorder. 😦

Crochet Project Notes – Slippers & Booties


WiP Slippers

For the Blue, classic shoe style slipper:

  • Yarn Used – Loops & Threads Charisma Bulky (5) in color Royal, and Loops & Threads Country Loom Super Bulky (6) in color Warm Cream. (picture on left is in Forest)
  • I used a J/10 6.00mm hook

YouTube Crochet Tutorial Links & Info

These were fairly easy. I think a beginner could tackle this project. Crochet Crowd tutorials are very good for novice crocheters because the stitches and patterns are clearly explained and demonstrated. I really like the “lambswool” look for the lining of this slipper. I used the Country Loom yarn for this – very soft feel to this yarn! The slippers are crocheted in pieces and assembled at the end. My husband just loves the ones I made for him. The bow in the front is not just an embellishment. It’s a drawstring that goes through the sides and back of the slipper to adjust the tightness of the fit.

For the Pink Booties:

  • Yarn Used – Loops & Threads Charisma Bulky (5) – I don’t remember the color – so lets just say Pink 🙂 For the trim around the ankle I used Red Heart Fur Jumbo (7) in color Polar
  • Posted by – Ani Tugushi
  • Link to Video – Crochet Slipper Boots

The video is a little different than other tutorials in the fact that it does not have any audio instructions. She demonstrates how to make the pattern and has captions with written


Aimee kicking back in her booties playing The Sims

instruction throughout the video but she doesn’t talk. Which was fine with me – I kind of liked it. However, for that reason I won’t call this tutorial beginner friendly – but a very determined or adventurous beginner could probably make these booties.

The fur trim around the ankle was not part of the pattern. I added that because it was cute and fun! The Red Heart Fur is MACHINE WASHABLE/DRYER SAFE! I don’t know why I put that in caps, but I got excited when I saw the care instructions for this yarn – it doesn’t feel like it would be able to be put in the washer.

Slippers are always a great gift and they are pretty easy and fast to make. Maybe I should make myself a pair before winter is over.

Thanks for reading!

~Tami – Tanglewood Knots

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