Crochet Sunflower Granny Square

Today I am spotlighting a Sunflower Granny Square blanket that I made for my daughter last spring. When I think of sunflowers I think of warm summer weather and thought it would be great to make a blanket that not only makes you feel warm but also makes you think warm thoughts. 

sunflowerlapghanThere is a farm not too far from me that plants fields of sunflowers every year. I’m not sure if that is a normal thing where you live but in the state of Connecticut it is much more common to see corn or hay fields than sunflowers. The special thing about this particular farm is that they also have a nice little ice cream stand where they sell homemade ice cream. What do sunflowers and homemade ice cream have in common you might ask? Well every year for one week in July volunteers pick all of the sunflowers and sell bouquets to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation. Since the first 10 acres of sunflowers were planted in 2004, Buttonwood Farms has donated over $1 million – I should also add that is 100% of the money they make from selling the bouquets! sunflowergranny1

Getting back to why I made this blanket for my daughter. Her career has relocated her to North Carolina and most recently to upstate New York. Getting ice cream from Buttonwoods was a tradition for her and the sunflowers have become a local symbol for the ice cream stand. So I thought I would make her something that might remind her of home.

Crochet Project Notes – Sunflower Granny Square Blanket

I used Red Heart Super Saver medium weight (4) yarn for this project. I can’t remember the color names. I chose colors specifically to look like sunflowers but I imagine the square would look very pretty in any combination of colors.

YouTube Crochet Tutorial Links & Info

sunflowergrannyI love Jayda in Stitches tutorials. She does a really good job of explaining and demonstrating the stitches and patterns. She’s a very happy person and you can tell she just loves to crochet! For this reason I am going to say that this is an easy and beginner friendly project.

Granny squares are great for so many projects. Blankets, sweaters, handbags, and I’ve even seen some lovely granny squares that people have framed and hung on their walls as art. Bonus points for granny squares – they are quick to make so you can have mini – “yaaaaay I finished something” moments. Plus they are nice scrap busters.


Thanks for reading!

~Tami – Tanglewood Knots

10 responses to “Crochet Sunflower Granny Square

    • Thank you! Everything I crochet is for friends or family. So even though I don’t make any money from my crochet, I am rich in “stories” and “thank you’s”. I envy all of you marvelous crocheters that have etsy shops. My to-do list has me busy for the next year at least! 🙂


      • I used to do that too. Landed up giving away everything I made. I saw a therapist following a rough time last year, who wanted me to ‘set up a online shop’ and sell my hand crafts – even if I didn’t make a profit. I must say, I’ve been doing so for just under a year and it has given me such a big confidence boost! You should have a go too 😘

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