Crochet Camo Beanie

Today I am spotlighting Crochet Camo Beanies that I really enjoyed making. I know you’re probably saying “beanies aren’t that exciting” and that may be true, however, these were very special beanies because I was making them for a little family that I love very dearly!


Isn’t he just too cute!?!

I have mentioned my daughter Aimee many times. She is my primary “target” for my own personal yarn bombing. Well Aimee’s best friend for many, many years is also named Amy. Back when they were in school together they were inseparable and were collectively just called “The Amys”. Now I hope I don’t lose anyone here – at Christmas Aimee told me that Amy really liked messy bun style hats. I saidcamo-hat eww, but I decided to make her one. I’m not a fan of the messy bun hat.

So wait – this isn’t a messy bun hat – not even close. That is correct. Amy, who is like an extra daughter to me, has an ADORABLE little family. Her husband loves the outdoors and I thought – hey I’m going to make hats for everybody! So dad and the boys all got these nice warm camo beanies. Amy’s messy bun hat will be a future blog post once she sends me some pictures modeling it.

Crochet Project Notes – Camo Beanie Hat

  • For these hats I used Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo medium weight yarn (4) in color Camouflage. I used Red Heart Super Saver medium weight (4) in color Pumpkin for the pom poms on the boys’ hats.
  • I used a size I/9 5.25mm hook

The Jumbo skein of yarn was huge – I was able to make all three hats with just one skein!

YouTube Crochet Tutorial Links & Info


Look Daddy – we have hats like yours!

I watch BobWilson tutorials a lot. She does an excellent job demonstrating and explaining the stitches and patterns. This is a beginner friendly hat. As long as you know how to stitch in “back loop only” you can make this hat. If you don’t know how to do that stitch she explains and demonstrates where you need to place your hook. I really like that she included a chart with standard head sizes. I’ve made so many hats you would think that I have that memorized but I need a little reminder now and then.

I finished these hats last week but didn’t post them because they were a surprise, plus I wanted to include photos of her too cute family wearing them! She received the hat package today and they loved the hats! 😀

Thanks for reading!

~Tami – Tanglewood Knots

12 responses to “Crochet Camo Beanie

  1. Matching beanies are lovely, kids just loved to have the same as dad or mum. Cameo style is perfect for the boys. We never had enough beanies, scarf and mittens/gloves for kids… sadly they always lost something at school. My daughter once let her knitting hat in the bus I made for her, she was heart broken. Bless her. luckily it takes no time to knit something else.

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    • I try to make extra hats with leftover skeins of yarn to keep around the house. I swear there must be some tropical island that all of the missing hats and gloves go to when they disappear along with the single socks that the dryer eats! 🙂

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