Crochet African Flower

Today I am spotlighting the beautiful African Flower Hexagonal Granny. This is a lovely flower that can be used for so many crochet projects. It can be made into something whimsical or exotic, bright or pastel, but whatever piece of crochet art you use it in it will surely be amazing.Β Now if you follow my blog you know that everything I crochet has a little story with it. This African Flower does not have it’s own story…..yet. It is however part of another crochet story. As much as I love these Grannies I have not made enough of them to really do anything with. So I have tucked this pattern into the future inspirations section of my brain.img_20170221_123952

Why would I abandon such a pretty pattern with so much potential? It all started with the yarn. As I’m sure many of you have experienced the “love at first sight” and “I must have you” impulse when you see certain colors of yarn, that is what happened to me. I was minding my own business walking through the yarn aisle and the Teal color caught my eye. Which led to me picking up the Purple and thinking – these look great together. Before I knew it I was rushing to the checkout line with an armful of Peacock colored yarn. With visions of crocheting a peacock (I don’t know, my inspirations are weird sometimes) I returned home and for reasons that I can’t even remember, I tucked these yarn jewels into my stash with hollow promises that I would find the perfect pattern for them.

As the weeks went on I almost forgot about them. Until I decided I wanted to find a floweryimg_20170221_123847 pattern for a granny square. (Okay I’m almost at the end of this story – thank you for your patience.) I stumbled upon the African Flower on Pinterest I think and rejoiced because that was the pattern that my lovely teal, purple, orchid and blue yarn was born to become! I found a great YouTube tutorial and made about a dozen of these.

Now finally, the story wrap up – my search for a flower Granny Square ended up resulting in the Sunflower Granny Square being in my YouTube recommended list. When I am feeling very creative, and inspired, my brain is like a hummingbird flitting from one colorful thing to the next. My daughter Aimee’s birthday was less than a month away – the Sunflowers made me think of making her the Sunflower Granny Square Afghan.

And my pretty little African Flowers were abandoned. I take them out and look at them fairly often – and I will do something with this pattern at some point. I promise… πŸ˜€

YouTube Tutorial Links & Info – Crochet African Flower


I really can’t remember the exact colors I used but I have seen lovely crocheted items using just about every color combination you can think of and they were all amazing. There are several types of stitches involved beyond basic crochet stitches.

Here is another YouTube tutorial for the same pattern that is in 3 parts and includes instructions for turning the hexagon into a square.

Both of these tutorials are very good for demonstrating and explaining the stitches and patterns as they go along. I think that if you are a brave and determined beginner you can make this. I have seen these flowers made into blankets/afghans, handbags, a turtle shell on a stuffed animal, coin purses and so much more.

That was quite a long story for a little crochet pattern that really didn’t have it’s own story!

Thanks for reading!

~Tami – Tanglewood Knots



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