Amigurumi Crochet – Sensei Charlie

I would like to introduce everyone to Sensei Charlie! He is the Master Instructor of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Studio that my husband is a member of. Charlie is a real person that just happens to have unique features that make him a perfect candidate to crochet into an Amigurumi doll!

Now the “real” Charlie has several tattoos but after a few failed attempts at embroidering them on I decided to just leave them off. A huge THANK YOU to everyone that offered suggestions – they were all great ideas.


Tomorrow I will post a full blog about the Charlie doll and include all of the links and info charliebackfor the pattern that I mostly followed. The actual pattern was for a dress up doll that is really cute. I am waiting until tomorrow to do the full post because my husband has a class tomorrow night and I am hoping there will be some good pictures to include. abd

Thanks again for all of the great suggestions! I can’t wait to see how he reacts to it. He is a hilarious guy that is always doing wacky stuff to the guys at the studio so it should be funny! 😀

This is probably the only time my husband will ever be able to charlie4get Charlie in an “arm bar”.

Thanks for reading!

~Tami – Tanglewood Knots



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    • I did not 😦 I tried to embroider them on but it was just too tricky for me. But I did make a test swatch of single crochet and found that a sharpie marker does not bleed too much and would probably work. I was too afraid to try to draw directly onto the doll. 🙂


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