When Charlie Met Charlie

Can you tell the real Charlie from the Amigurumi Charlie doll?

So the “real” Charlie really loved his Charlie doll!! Others at the Jiu Jitsu open roll tonight may have been disappointed that it was not a Voodoo doll – there were attempts to use it in such a way.


Will the Real Charlie please step forward?

I must say this was the most fun I have had with a crochet project in a long time. As Charlie doll was coming together I could not help but giggle at the likeness. Charlie doll was a big hit and is very popular on the Norwich ABD Facebook page!

img_20170226_184109031Crochet Project Notes – Amigurumi Sensei Charlie Doll

  • Yarn Used – Red Heart Super Saver medium weight (4) in color Buff for the head and body and Red Heart Super Saver in White and Black for the Gi and Belt, also Red Heart Super Saver in color Coffee for the beard.
  • I used a size H/8 5.00mm hook

YouTube Crochet Video Tutorial Links & Info

For the doll head, body, arms & legs I did follow a pattern for a dress up doll that is really very cute.

  • Posted by – HappyBerry Crochet
  • Video Link – Crochet Amigurumi Doll  (this is a 4 part video – originally posted as a CAL)
  • A link to the written pattern can be found under the “see more”section of each video

For this project I followed the written pattern since I have a lot of experience with crocheting Amigurumi dolls. The pattern is very easy, it only uses single stitch and if you are familiar with increasing and decreasing rows you will have no problem making this doll. She does demonstrate and explain the increases and decreases as she is crocheting so if you do not have experience with this, you should still be able to follow along with her.


Here are the things that I did differently to make the doll into Charlie:

The beard – I looped some strands of the brown yarn through the area where his mouth would be positioned. Similar to how you would add a tassel to something. I then separated the plies in the yarn to give a fuzzy, scruffy beard appearance. Then a quick trim with scissors to shape it.

For the Gi – I did not follow any pattern for his Gi – I just sort of winged it. If anyone is familiar with how Gi pants work – they have a very long drawstring that loops through the waistband twice, making it a real pain to thread if it comes loose in the wash. I made little Charlie’s Gi pants with the same style of drawstring – just to add some authenticity to his outfit.

The video also includes tutorials for putting hair on the doll and for making a cute dress.

This really was so much fun – and now I find myself looking at everyone more closely to see if they might be “crochet-able”!

Thanks for reading!!

~Tami – Tanglewood Knots

18 responses to “When Charlie Met Charlie

  1. Oh wow! Awesome! Your comment below made me laugh a lot:

    “and now I find myself looking at everyone more closely to see if they might be “crochet-able”!”

    Great work and thanks for the links. 🙂

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    • There is so much counting! I really like amigurumi because it doesn’t use a ton of yarn, the projects are fairly quick, and there are so many possibilities from a single pattern. I run into problems with stuffing – either too much or too little ending up in a lumpy plushy. 🙂


      • I usually get lost in counting my stitches and then I end up with some odd-looking spots. Stuffing is also definitely an issue for me. I usually end up putting in too much! But I think I should give it another shot. There are so many cute amigurumi that can be made.

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  2. Fantastic!! Love the voodoo comment and this: ““and now I find myself looking at everyone more closely to see if they might be “crochet-able”!” I would do the same thing. Likeness is uncanny, lol.

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