New Look, Same Great Taste!

So, it’s been just over a month since I really started Tanglewood Knots. I made a very feeble attempt at blogging last September, but truly have given my best effort at the very end of January.

But I really didn’t feel like it was my ‘best effort’ because although I liked the way I had originally set up the site, I really didn’t love it.

Sorry old amateur looking Tanglewood Knots – it’s not you, it’s me.

I want to thank the brave WordPress Fiddlers that follow my blog for giving me the strength and courage to become a fiddler myself. I was too afraid to change anything because I thought I would screw up the hard fought battle to just get a site up that wasn’t too sad looking. THANK YOU Arlene at Our Retired Life and Ellen at chronicleofellen .

Let me know what you think!


8 responses to “New Look, Same Great Taste!

    • Thank you so much! I actually write a little blog for my work company so the knowledge I’ve gained there – though it’s not a lot – has been super helpful. I think the biggest thing is LOVING what you blog about which so many of us do!

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      • I also used to have another blog where I shared my life for years but I closed it. Maybe it is a bit straightforward question but does the upgraded plans help to get it going more fast or there is no influence in that? I was thinking of upgrading a bit later, not straight away, to be sure that I keep doing what I do and that there are at least some people that read it before I start to pay for it monthly. Sorry, if it is a bit too straightforward.

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      • I started mine as a free site back in September but did’t have a clear vision where I wanted it to go then. Personally, I chose the premium plan for this go around because I wanted the domain name just in case I ever decided to try to crochet as a career more than a hobby. I believe there are more customization options but not sure to what extent. I don’t mind you asking at all – I’m happy to share my experiences with the premium plan. I’m sure there are features that I’m not taking full advantage of, I’m trying to discover more as I go along.

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