Does Google Know How Awesome Your Blog Is?

How to Use Keywords to Improve SEO in Google

I am in NO way calling myself an SEO expert but I write blogs and web content for an ecommerce janitorial supply site for my day job (why yes it IS as glamorous as it sounds). 🙂

An ecommerce marketing firm did an analysis of our blog when we first jumped into it and gave us some SEO tips. I thought I would share them with everyone.


Why should I worry about SEO in my crochet blog?

Most people don’t need to worry about SEO when writing a blog just for fun or as a journal, or to connect with other like minded bloggers. However, you do need to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Indexing, keywords, Alt text, and lots of other things if you are using your blog to promote your business, services, Etsy shop, or if you are just trying to build your brand reputation for future professional opportunities.

googleindexingWhen people use Google search because they want to buy something or learn about something they almost never go beyond the first two or three pages of search results. This is where you want your blog to show up.

I try to always include at least one Heading 2 but prefer to use two.

  • It makes the blog look nicer
  • Better readability
  • Include Keywords in H2 – search engines like Google use this text for indexing along with your title

So even if you have a very long blog post (like I think this is going to be) it will break up that wall of text to keep your reader interested. Using bullet points is also a good way to give reader’s eyes a little break.

Here are some screenshots of where to find Heading 2 in your blog creation interface and how it will look on your post.googleindexing2

googleindexing3Again – I cannot state strongly enough – I am not an expert. I just happen to be a crochet enthusiast and yarn addict that also happens to write content for an ecommerce website. I just wanted to share some tips that I have learned with some of my followers that are trying to promote Etsy shops. Or anyone else that wonders how they can get better rankings on search engines. I really truly want to help all of the amazing crafters out there to be more successful, get rich, and fill the world with their lovely, well crafted, handmade treasures!

Thanks for reading!



21 responses to “Does Google Know How Awesome Your Blog Is?

  1. My web design experience goes way back to basic html coding (when EVERYONE was on dial-up), before all this fancy stuff. It’s been tough catching up, lol. Definitely learning a lot and thanks for the tip.

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    • I write my blogs in the style that I do only because that’s the way I do it for work. BUT the subject matter I blog about on here is SOOO much more enjoyable and I have more followers than my work blog!!

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