Have You Heard of Stitch Fiddle?

As many of you may already know – if I follow your blog I will read EVERY post you make and I frequently comment. I do this for a few reasons:

  1. We all blog for the same reason – we love what we are blogging about and when someone loves something that much to go through the joy and pain of blogging, they deserve community support
  2. I am almost always inspired, touched, or get a chuckle from so many of your blog posts.
  3. My scouring WP Reader for new crochet blogs to follow has given me so many project ideas. Plus I’ve also gotten more people interested in following my blog – again Community Support!
  4. And this is the most important one – I find an AMAZING thing like the Stitch Fiddle website

If You Design Your Own Crochet, Cross Stitch, and Knit Patterns – You Want to Sign up to This Website


Click Image for Link to Site

First – I hope you folks at Stitch Fiddle don’t mind that I used your logo image for this blog post – I am not making any money from it – I just want to get the word out about what an amazing utility you’ve created for us creators. 🙂

Second – I learned that Stitch Fiddle existed from reading a blog post by Texas Pearl Designs where she used it to make an awesome Tunisian Crochet Throw with her company logo on it.

Third – I’m sure many of you are saying – okay Mom Tami that is so 2015 where have you been! Yes I am usually late to all of the hip new technical gadgets and gizmos.

If you have NOT heard of Stitch Fiddle and you like to create your own designs that involve a graph you NEED to check this out. This is a free utility that you will need to sign up for to be able to save your designs. There is also a premium plan available but I didn’t look into that so I’m not sure what the cost is.

I have been waiting very, very patiently to get caught up with my outstanding projects so that I can explore C2C and Filet Crochet more and have it in the back of my mind – get some graph paper – but honestly I’m never going to remember to get graph paper when I’m out and about.

Well guess what – sign up for Stitch Fiddle and you don’t need graph paper.

And you know what that means – you will have more money to spend on YARN!!pilesofyarn

There is also a Crochet Pattern Diagram maker with all of the stitch symbols! I don’t really knit or do cross stitch so I’m not sure what awesomeness is on there for that but I’m sure it will be amazing too!

Seriously – check it out, I am not an affiliate or sales rep for Stitch Fiddle – I’m just a yarn addict that loves discovering tools that make it easier for me to create beautiful yarny things!

I am going to be fiddling with making a Shamrock Filet Crochet pattern today!!

Thanks for reading!


52 responses to “Have You Heard of Stitch Fiddle?

  1. Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely check it out! I’d never heard of filet crochet before. So many possibilities! I think I know what my next crochet project will be. And I’ll always take more money for yarn hahahaha!

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  2. Hi Tami! Thanks for the reference! I love Stitch Fiddle as well. The premium version cost about $18 US annually and provides unlimited designs. I believe the free version limits to 15 or so. I paid for the premium version a couple of years ago. $$$ well spent! Happy crafting! Debbie

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  3. I love Stitch Fiddle! I’ve “fiddled” with it but have yet to actually create something from it as of it. I designed a graphghan on paper and knew I had to find something better for the next one. It definitely takes a lot of the headache out of it! Tunisian, filet and c2c are also on my “eventually” list!

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  4. Ahhhh wow thanks for this. I spent a good 4 hours the other day searching for a website that could help me for designs and c2c. Also I love the community support with WP! It’s very encouraging and like you said it’s inspiring. Will check stitch fiddle out some time this week, I’m training til Thursday! Have a good one 🙂

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  5. Fabulous tool! Thank you SO much for this recommendation! Have already played around with converting a photo and I’m thrilled to bits!

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      • Great recommendation Tami, thanks again. BTW, I love your views on blogging and really appreciate your comment, always so sincere ! It’s a pleasure to meet a creative blogger like you. xo


      • Thank you! I often fear that someone’s going to think I’m some kind of weird stalker – but then I think – this post either gave me an idea, inspiration, empathy, or a smile and I want the writer to know that. The patterns and designs that you share are beautiful – I may not have time to make them, but they make me feel good because I know that someday I COULD make something that beautiful!

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  6. Tami: I love the way you have taken time to describe your approach to following and supporting other bloggers. Kudos! Thank you for the follow on my blog (Lab Notes) and I’m excited to read more of your work!

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    • Thank you! If you never open an oyster – you will never find any pearls. I have learned some very helpful tips by reading other blogs, gotten some unexpected but welcome chuckles, and been inspired to try harder, to learn more. Writing a blog is not easy – emotionally. I would hate to have someone give up and stop posting before I was able to find their pearl. 🙂

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  7. That sounds interesting. Not that I have time for any more projects at the moment, but I’m definitely going to bookmark it for later. I’ll be needing inspiration for some of that yarn that is piling up at some point LOL

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  8. Perfect timing for me to read this. I made some alterations to the little critters I’ve crocheted recently, and the caterpillar was totally my own. I’ve made some notes, but am way out of my league when it comes to writing out the pattern. Thanks for finding me today (JanMadeIt) otherwise I wouldn’t have found out about this!

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    • You’re welcome! I like to rummage around the WordPress reader several times a week to find other crafty geniuses like yourself! Writing patterns is terrifying – hope this helps! 😀


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