Donna’s Crochet Poncho

About a year and a half ago I was visiting my sister and she told me that my niece Donna had found an old poncho that was in my sister’s closet. Donna loved wearing her mom’s poncho and was swirling the fabric around really enjoying the way that the folds and flaps felt as she danced about.

I decided then that I wanted to crochet Donna a poncho of her own. Of course I had a few other projects that I was working on and as things unfortunately tend to go, I did not get a chance to start work on it. Fast forward to three days before Donna’s birthday this past December – I was trying to think of what to get for her. I was in full steam crochet mode for all of the holiday gifts I was making anyways, so I grabbed my hook and raided my yarn stash. I had a few balls of Caron Cakes yarn that were just waiting patiently for a project and I knew they would be perfect for Donna’s Poncho.

Donna's Poncho

I found a video tutorial from one of my favorite YouTube posters and started on it. I loved the ribbed texture of the pattern. It gave the poncho some ‘personality’ without all of the holes that granny square and fan stitch patterned ponchos tend to have. I wanted to make her a poncho that was warm with some textural elements. I began crocheting like a possessed woman to get it done before her party in two days.

Fortunately the pattern was easy consisting of double crochet with alternating front post double crochet stitches. It built fairly quick, but with everything else going on a week before Christmas I was still in a crunch to get it done.

I did finish it – sort of. I weaved in my ends, wrapped it and had to dash out the door immediately, getting to her party a little late, but just in time for gift opening.

Donna's Poncho4

My sister Dee modeling Donna’s Poncho

With all of the birthday activities I didn’t get a chance to check the fit to see if it needed adjusting. I figured I would take care of that later. Well later didn’t happen until yesterday when I had a lovely brunch visit with Donna and my sister Dee. My sister had told me that the poncho was a little large around the neck and kept falling off Donna’s shoulders. So I brought along the rest of my Caron Cakes and my hook and was able to get a few more rounds in around the neck to tighten it up.

Donna was feeling a bit camera shy yesterday and didn’t want to model the poncho for me, but my sister was happy to try it on.

Crochet Project Notes & YouTube Tutorial Links/Info – Donna’s Poncho

For Donna’s Poncho I used Caron Cakes yarn in color Cherry Chip. I used a size H/8 5.00mm hook.

I was so glad that I had a chance to alter the poncho so that she can enjoy it without it falling off of her shoulders. We had a fantastic visit – played some fun and silly games. My favorite was the “Throw Barbie” game – that is played exactly like you would think. Starting from the living room we tossed Barbies down the hall to see who threw it the farthest! Plus we had a delicious brunch that my sister prepared. It was a fun Sunday morning!

Thanks for reading!


Donna's Poncho2

34 responses to “Donna’s Crochet Poncho

  1. Christmas time is the craziest for crafters. I’m always in a tizzy trying to make too much but getting it done just under the wire! Visiting with family is the best. I too love getting together with my brothers and sisters. It fills my soul. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful poncho. Love the colours. I don’t think I could make anything that quick. Bet the hooks was smoking after that, talk about hot off the hook, it was firing off the hook.

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  3. Oh, this is adorable, Tami! I have to admit, ponchos make me cringe a bit – growing up in the ’70s I certainly wore my share of them, but the thought feels outdated to me. Yet when you described your niece’s love of her mom’s poncho, I totally got the appeal of the poncho. Your close-up of the finished texture is wonderful. Thanks – and thanks to Donna for modeling!

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  4. Serve mimosas and I’ll throw Barbies with you any day! The poncho turned out wonderfully. I currently have plans for one with mauve alpaca sitting here waiting on me, as well as a shrug in white. I really need to stay off the computer for a few days and work some hooks 🤔

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