Two Blogger Awards

Back in February Mrs. Craft posted about being nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award – which by the way she greatly deserved! If you do not already follow her blog you blogger recognition awardcertainly should!

Her posts are always entertaining, amusing, inspiring, or informative! Part of the rules for accepting the award is to nominate 15 other bloggers for this award. I thought that was a fabulous thing to do since I believe very strongly in community support for everyone brave enough to put their stories, thoughts, makes, and life out there for public consumption through their blogs. I was extremely surprised and flattered to find Tanglewood Knots on her list of 15!

I felt thrilled and so proud to see my little blog that was less than a month old on her list. Then I felt the terrible doubts of – “she probably was just stumped with finding 15 blogs to nominate, and she must have made a mistake and really meant someone else’s blog”. So I did nothing – my pride turned into self doubt in the blink of an eye. So I did what I normally do in situations where I find any kind of spotlight uncomfortable – I ignored it. 😦

versatile blogger awardThen two days ago I read a post from Dysis Design who was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award – again Well Done! Her hand crafted jewelry is stunning. Her designs are unique and the way she describes her items is fluid, whimiscal, and fun! You can tell that she has an emotional connection with her designs and creates her pieces from the heart. Once again, as per the rules of the award, Tanglewood Knots was on her list of nominations too.

So, my silly internal war rages on. And I realize it is silly – I surrender and humbly accept your nominations Mrs. Craft and Dysis Designs – thank you both so much for thinking of me. 😀

I will be posting individually for the two awards as they each have their own rules and I think they are intended to be posted by themselves.

I just wanted to make a quick post to acknowledge and thank Mrs. Craft & Dysis Design.

Thank you so very much! And thank you for following Tanglewood Knots – I hope that you enjoy my blog because I thoroughly enjoy both of yours!

~ Tami

11 responses to “Two Blogger Awards

  1. I completely understand that feeiing, especially since I peeked ahead in my reading and saw you had nominated me. My first thought was, “Poor girl needs to get out more!” Lol. But you are very deserving, the work it takes to make each project you feature alone is worthy. Congratulations and thank you.

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    • Haha – I’m always trying to think of ways that I could stay in more!! Seriously I am insanely lucky to have grown children, a hubby that doesn’t mind what the house looks like and I work from home so I get to focus on the really important things in life – yarn! Plus the weather is still kind of crappy so it’s indoor fun for me! Posting those 3 blogs in one day took the ENTIRE day! 🙂


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