WordPress Live Chat Saved my Life

Well it wasn’t quite that dire but the wonderful wizard behind the help desk chat over at WordPress.com saved me from hyperventilating and spending the rest of the day crying into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – while also crying into a pint of something a bit more potent in my other hand.

Yes there is a little story –

Actually ‘the little stories’ about my crochet obsession is what inspired me to do what I did today. It was also all of your stories that fired my inspired madness too. I read all of your posts and it’s like looking into little windows of your lives – not in a creepy way! Many of you share so much more than just your crafts – which are amazing – and it makes me reflect on all of the things that I love or do or have experienced besides crochet.

I created Tanglewood Knots to become part of the yarn loving community. It is very important to me to keep it as is.

But there are so many more ‘threads’ that make up my life and I want to share those in a different venue. So I am now the proud owner of – drum roll please –

Tanglewood Tapestry

Forest Landscape Fairytale Woods Enchanted Misty

Which will be the home of all of my other stories about things I love. I will not be abandoning anyone here and will be posting at least 4 or 5 times a week as usual. Tapestry is going to be an eclectic blend of things like tarot reading, belly dancing, poetry, fantasy fiction, World of Warcraft, my unhealthy obsession with Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert, and anything else I feel like. It may cross over into R rated territory at times for language but nothing too vulgar.

I am still designing the site and I’m not sure exactly when it will be ready – hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning. If you would like to follow me on Tanglewood Tapestry I would be so happy to have you come along for the ride.

Oh yeah – the WordPress help person – So as I was messing around thinking that I was an elite website designer on Tanglewood Tapestry, I ended up completely messing up Tanglewood Knots – you may have noticed some technical difficulties earlier. I was going along trying to find a theme design that I liked but I had forgotten to switch to the new site. When I decided to take a break from setting up the new site I found Tanglewood Knots not looking anything at all like it was – I panicked, freaked out, and basically went through all 5 stages of grief in the span of about 10 minutes before I was able to find the “Live Chat” button for tech support.

Keep in mind that for whatever foolish reason I am not a contact support type person – I worry about being on hold, or having to try to explain something that I don’t even understand etc etc.

The wonderful unnamed person talked me down from my hysteria and suggested I just re-activate the theme I had been using and everything was all fixed! Yes it was a bit anticlimactic but I refuse to admit that I may have over-reacted at all. It was an outstanding experience andΒ I will not hesitate to use the Live Chat again. They made it too easy and friendly – I should crochet them all some hats or scarves for Christmas. πŸ˜€

Thanks for reading!


34 responses to “WordPress Live Chat Saved my Life

  1. I did the opposite of you. I was having so many crochet posts on Our Retired Life I decided to start Skrappy Skarves. I post crochet on both and share back and forth between them. Oh, and today I started a bloglovin account for both.

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  2. This is so exciting!! I am looking forward to seeing your posts on both sites now! I’m especially intrigued about the belly dancing and tarot… those are things I know zero about but sound cool. Congratulations!! Yay!!

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  3. Yes, I absolutely would recommend the WP live chat “happiness engineer” resource. It sounds like hyperbole to say “Happiness Engineer,” but the person I worked with was very capable AND very kind/interactive. A real person! My problem was in setting up a new domain name for my Lab Notes blog, can’t remember the specifics, but it was something that I needed help with immediately and didn’t want to make a mistake purchasing something I did not want/need while doing it. And congrats on getting everything back to normal on T.K.! πŸ™‚

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  4. Oh I used to belly dance! It’s so much fun, I really must get back into it.
    I’ve always thought it would be really interesting to see what other hobbies crocheters have, and see if there’s any kind of trend. But I’m just a stats nerd so don’t mind me!

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    • Data is probably number 7 on my top 10 lists of nerdy things I love! I took belly dance classes for about 2 years then it just got too expensive. But thanks to YouTube I think I’m going to dust off the zils and hip pop around my house!


  5. Bloglovin’: I use it more for reading than promoting. It lists all the sites you follow with the number of unread posts next to it! I’m not quite sure how it works with the stats of the blogs I read, so once I click I tend to stay on the site and click at least one other post so I don’t kill the blockers bounce rate. I would hope they counteract that if reading posts back to back, but I just have to make sure!

    I actually own a cheap tarot deck. Had rune stones and a hip belt at one time too!

    Yay for new site, yay for support, but seriously next time, text me. I could’ve helped. I had personal blogs before they had “drop themes”, I’ve made my own themes, and at times I code my posts manually still, especially when WordPress doesn’t want to give me the image placement I want!

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    • D’oh! why didn’t I text you??? I panicked just like the time that I accidentally flushed my cleaning rag down the toilet! I may hit you up with some html questions at some point! My like button won’t show up on my new site and How will I ever be able to cope if I can’t see in a quantitative way that someone likes me?!? LOL πŸ˜€

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  6. Hi Tami! I love to mess around with my blog/template/CSS and have made a proper “mess” of it all at times! I didn’t know about the live chat, so I’ll file that bit away for the future. I’ve found a lot of answers in the Forums which has helped me with CSS codes. I’m off to check out your other blog now!

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  8. I should follow that blog too! I also love Anthony Bourdain (we saw him filming in Chicago a few years ago). And, I love World of Warcraft, but can’t play because I don’t think I would get anything else done :).

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    • LOL that’s so funny! I just logged out of WoW so I could pay attention to my blog!! I would love to meet Anthony Bourdain – he seems so cool but I wouldn’t even care if he was an A-hole to me I would still be all googoo eyed about meeting him!! πŸ˜€


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