Pie for Breakfast is Okay Right???

I love coincidences! Serendipitous events that tell you that what you are about to do is fate and that any attempt to resist is not only futile but also flies in the face of destiny! So I’m absolutely justified in eating pie for breakfast!! Right??

To begin with – sorry there will be no sassy or witty crochet stitchy stories in this post. I am in the wonderful but scary position of having NOTHING yarny to blog about right now. I have 2 summer tops in progress, my Mindful Mandala is a few rows shy of being analyzed, and I am still in the preparation stage of a series of posts on Hairpin Lace.

But I do have a pie story! A pie story that was obviously written in the stars long before this morning. A pie that has been called by other names but from this morning forward I will call this recipe – Destiny Pie!

Tollhouse Pie

Many of you already follow Tracy at It’s a T-Sweets Day and she posted a Kentucky Derby Pie recipe yesterday. By the way if you are not following Tracy – you need to, otherwise you are missing out on some amazing opportunities for inspiration!

Every Wednesday my son comes over for dinner. It’s also the only night of the week that it is a certainty that there will be dessert. Yesterday afternoon I made an easy family favorite – Tollhouse Pie.

This is where the oceans part and my Breakfast with Destiny comes into play.

They were exactly the same recipe but called by different names!! I didn’t see Tracy’s post until this morning and couldn’t believe the coincidence!!

Tracy’s pictures are much more delicious looking than any I could take on this very gray, rainy, dark morning so please look at her pictures if you want to test your Pavlovian Response. Her pictures are drool inducing!

What I would like to share is my secret recipe for a super easy pie crust that was created by angels for people like myself that are “Rolling Pin Impaired”. I can make a pie crust dough. What I cannot do is roll it out into anything that can be geometrically defined as a round shape. When I try to transfer it into a pie pan it resembles a scene from “The Walking Dead”. Well, I’m going to assume that’s what it looks like because I don’t look at the television screen for 98% of that show – by the way this is an excellent show for squeamish people to crochet while watching/not looking.

Easy Pie Crust – No Rolling Pin Required

  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 2 tbsp white sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • 3 tbsp milk
  • I also add about 2 tsp vanilla because why not!

In a mixing bowl (or right in the pie pan if you are not a messy baker like me) combine flour, sugar, and salt. Create a well in the middle. Add the vegetable oil and milk to the well and combine with a fork (or spoon or your fingers) in a circular motion until a soft dough forms. Spread dough into a pie pan and push the dough up the sides of the pan. Bake in a 400 F degree oven for 10 minutes until golden brown.

Easy Pie Crust

What you need

Easy Pie Crust 1

Mix to combine

Easy Pie Crust 2

Spread in pan

Easy Pie Crust 3

Bake till Golden

This makes a flaky, sort of shortbread-ish and tasty pie crust for a single crust pie. I use this crust for tarts, pudding filled pies, and pumpkin pies. So “The Pin” and I can continue our volatile relationship without an unnecessary amount of drama. “The Pin” does cooperate completely when I make Cinnamon Buns so I have not given it a Viking burial by making it into its own pyre.

So based on the fact that Tracy and I made the same pie unbeknownst to each other I can very easily rationalize that Kentucky Derby/Tollhouse Pie must be eaten this morning for breakfast. To make it into a healthy breakfast I will leave off the scoop of Salted Caramel Fudge Truffle ice cream!

Thanks for reading!

~ Tami

27 responses to “Pie for Breakfast is Okay Right???

  1. Chocolate is healthy too! And as someone else mentioned, you’ll have the whole day to work it off. In fact, just imagine the projects you could finish with that sugar rush every morning! I think that’s a theory worth exploring more!

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  3. Hmmm… for a two-crust fruit pie, maybe roll some long, thin, strips with your hands, flatten them a bit, and “weave” them on top for a latticework effect? I might try that with this recipe. I’m a disaster with a rolling pin, too!

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    • Oh that’s a good idea! The dough is very soft but if you flatten them with your hand that should work! I love two crust pies! 😀


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