Weekend Wrap-up!

What a busy weekend! Well there were busy spells and boring spells and napping spells – but that’s just like any other weekend. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Holiday!

Yesterday was busy, boring, napping – the Fantastic Bake-a-Long with Tracy @It’s a T-Sweets Day was a lot of fun and I made some new blogland friends! The next recipe is going to be Tracy’s choice and I can’t wait to see what she has us cooking up!


I made some potholders that was quick and fun – but now I’m wondering if I should have used cotton yarn instead of acrylic. I’ve learned from a few other bloggers that acrylic may not hold up to very high heats – I don’t want to be trying to pick melted yarn off of my beloved Cast Iron cookware!!! I honestly haven’t even used these yet – I don’t want to get them dirty! 😀  I may just hang them on the wall as some kitcheny yarn art and make new ones with cotton yarn.

Today was busy – not boring and no time for napping! My son came over for dinner and I made a huge platter full of fried chicken tenders that I had put to a quick brine early this morning – if you do not brine your chicken before frying it you should give it a try – so moist and so delicious! I also made cole slaw, potato salad, and a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Sorry I didn’t take any pictures or anything – I wanted to focus the whole day on my husband, son and daughter! My oldest daughter – Hi Aimee!! – could not make it down from New York this weekend. But I will be seeing her in a couple of weeks when she makes her way to Connecticut for her friend’s wedding!

Which works out well for me because she will be down the day before her birthday which is on May 1st (yup she’s a Beltane Baby) so it gives me time to finish the present I’m making for her. 😀

Here’s a picture of my pups Laylee and Boris having fun outside on this nice warm day!

10 Blogs I Enjoyed and Followed This Week

1 – Gold Coast and Hinterland Spinners and Weavers Group Inc
What a marvelous group! Really – is there anything more beautiful than a Spinning Wheel? The only thing more beautiful than a Spinning Wheel is a group of very talented and creative people that are keeping this craft alive and well!From Gold Coast and Hinterland Spinners and Weavers Group Inc. About Page.
Our group has been established for 35 years and we have many talented and creative members who are all fibre fanatics.
The aim of our group is to create interest in and further the art and craft of spinning, weaving, dyeing and other fibre related crafts.
All our members love to get together on club days for a friendly chat, to exchange ideas, teach each other new skills and admire each others craft.

2 – Crocheted by Tess
Tess’s makes are lovely.
Very creative, imaginative and talented crocheter.
From Tess’s About Page
I get my greatest inspiration from the nature around me; the sea, the woods and the sky.

3 – Sutekos Crafts
Multi-talented blogger – crochet, art, crafts, fun and whimsical!

4 – Creativhook
Miniature Dolls, Miniature Clothes, Miniature Stories
Yes! sign me up! – I have always loved miniature everything!!
Amazing crochet and knit wire jewelry with beads!! Just gorgeous!

5 – One Man Crochet
One word – no two words – Freaking AWESOME!!
If you are not already following this incredibly talented fella – you should!

6 – My Other Loves
Very creative – lovely crochet, also travelling, books, films and knitting.

7 – The Green Dragonfly
I’m probably the last person in the crochet world to bump into this extremely talented crocheter.
Better late than never – Lots and lots of free patterns, kids crafts, and downloadable coloring pages!

8 – Lil Stitches of Me
Very nice picture blog with finished objects, wips and an occasional cat drops in!

9 – Lulu’s Yarn Art
New blogger that loves crochet and has some very helpful tips and advice about crocheting after recovering from wrist surgery.
I’m looking forward to seeing her stitches – the crochet kind no the surgery kind!! 😀

10 – Just a Small Time Blogette
Just finished a lovely brightly colored C2C blanket that she had been working on for a long time. I just love that feeling of finally finishing that project that I’ve been working on forever!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thanks for reading!

~ Tami

41 responses to “Weekend Wrap-up!

  1. That is the reason I have not made potholders I only have acrylic and fear them melting. You have a couple of cute pups. I did alot of cooking this weekend. Saturday I made rib eye roast with salad and green beans. Sunday I made deviled eggs, butternut squash, pumpkin custard, green beans, and a turkey. It was all yummy. Making two big meals one right after the other I won’t have to cook for the next three! 😀

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    • Oh having a few days off from cooking sounds wonderful! I love to cook but it is nice to get the night off. Plus turkey leftovers are the BEST!! I think I may have to put the potholders to the test – not the plaid one though!! I like that one too much. I’ll do my testing on the other one. I will report back my observations! 😀

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  2. My grandma used to make lots of pot holders, let me and my cousin choose our favourites to take home as toys and then she’d stitch the rest together into a blanket, which would eventually also end up being donated to us 🙂

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    • Boris is a mix breed – the vet thinks that he is part Rhodesian Ridgeback because he has a lot of their characteristics, including the ridge of fur on his back 🙂 I would love to see some pictures of Fenris! My Laylee is a full blooded Australian Cattle Dog – she practically runs the house. She has us on a schedule for everything and if we do anything out of the routine she lets us know about it LOL! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Fenris is a Rhodesian ridgeback x staffy x bullmastiff 😉 so I would say Boris definitely has some Rhodesian is him! I’ll put a picture of him on the next post 🙂 and Laylee is too cute! I really like cattle dogs but they are so energetic!

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  3. Sounds like a nice weekend! I also learnt that when i made dishcloths and flannels that acrylic wasn’t the best. Especially dishcloths as i wipe down my hobs when they are still warm – Cotton is the best but you can also buy yarn that is literally called ‘dishcloth’ yarn haha. Glad you had a good weekend!

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    • I was thinking cotton for dishcloths because it’s more absorbent but I didn’t think about the yarn at all for the pot holders – I picked the yarn just on the color and how much I had in my stash. 🙂


      • Hei Tami! Small correction, if you don’t mind, I am Helina 🙂 The dress is going well, at the beginning I planned my previous post to be about that as I spent some time on it during Easter weekend and wanted to share the results but the part I was working on, was not totally finished by yesterday. So maybe next week. The thesis are stressful. Spent a lot of time on it last week also and have to work hard this week also, but luckily on the weekend I am going to a small cruise and can relax and usually when I know there is something exciting coming, I can look at it as a reward and work hard before that. 🙂

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      • Oh sorry about the typo in your name Helina 🙂 I try to be very careful because my name was always misspelled and mispronounced growing up and I was very sensitive about it. Tami is nickname, my given name is Tamrah. You would think that’s easy to spell and pronounce but people always got it wrong. They would always put an extra A in there. 🙂 You definitely deserve a nice vacation and a cruise sounds wonderful! 🙂

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      • I have never seen anyone else with my name before – a google search says that my name is Hebrew for Date Palm. And apparently there is a company named Tamrah that sells chocolate covered dates!! I have no idea how my parents ever came up with that name! LOL

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