WiP Wednesday – No Problems

If you read my last post you know that this is a crazy week for me on the crochet front. Well everything is going entirely too smoothly so I need to put more pressure on myself otherwise I will become overly confident that I can get everything done and take a nap or something. 

What can I do to derail myself……hmmmmm. I know! Why don’t I bake some chocolate eclairs and make a big pot of spaghetti sauce to make a pan of lasagna today!

I can do it! No problem!

Today is Wednesday – my son comes over for dinner every Wednesday so I like to make him a big meal including a nice dessert.

I got my pate a choux dough together WHILE I was on my weekly conference call with work. I still need to make the filling for the eclairs and the chocolate ganache to put on top of them, and then fill them. No problem!

crazy wednesday eclairs

I still need to make some sauce. Oh and then make lasagna. I haven’t even started this yet. No problem!

I mostly finished Pillow #1 – just need to sew in my hundreds and thousands of ends, insert pillow form and sew it up! No problem!

crazy wednesday

I started the Pillow #2 this morning and I should have the basic pillow done by tomorrow so then I just need to do the ‘doily inspired’ applique to cover the top of it. No problem!

crazy wednesday round pillow

Then I just need to crochet 2/3 more of the duster sweater and add sleeves! No problem!

And hey just for fun why don’t I take an hour to snap some pictures and write up a post about this!

There, now I have replenished my crazy adrenaline energy so there will be no napping today!! crazy wednesday presents

Oh look at the presents my Mother-in-law got for me – a cute little single skein holder with a zipper top – this will actually be great for my spools of crochet thread. And a fold out storage bin! I’m going to use this to hold my Mandala and the colors I pick for the upcoming rounds!

I hope everyone is having a very productive day too!

Thanks for reading!

~ Tami

46 responses to “WiP Wednesday – No Problems

    • Why only do one thing at a time when you can do 5! The real trick is to be able to do them all well – we’ll find out if someone bites into an eclair and it’s filled with spaghetti sauce!! 😀


  1. Firstly thanks for making me super hungry with the spaghetti sauce… literally my favourite thing in the whole wide world! Can’t believe how much you progressed with the pillow looks awesome! Nice gifts as well, the little things come in handy! I have a box that scarf came in as a gift I use it now to store my mini blocking board and shit that I might use LOL keep on going you got this crochet down! Enjoy your meal with your son 🙂

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  2. Oh now I want Lasagna. We had it for Easter and I’m already craving it again thanks to you! 🙂 Love the gifts from your MIL. She’s got good taste! Now back to work you go…

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  3. Now I’m craving chocolate, though spaghetti sauce not so much. I grew up on spaghetti twice a week so it’s now a no-no in our household. Even for lasagna! My daughters won’t even touch it. But cover something in chocolate and we’re there!
    Where do you find the time?? Oh I know, not wasting it on Sims, lol.

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    • I don’t have time Trudy that’s the thing. I either wait until the absolute last minute to do things or make enormous outrageous plans for something and think that I will turn into Wonder Woman – or Sonic the Hedgehog!!! 😀

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      • I do the same thing! I’m trying hard to get away from it though. I’ve realized I run in cycles. For three weeks, I go balls to the wall doing anything that flits into my head and then the next three weeks I can’t bring myself to do a single thing! I’m learning to work with it though finally. Blogging is actually helping with that a lot. You’d think it would be the opposite! I’m not bi-polar but I liken my cycles to it. So I take advantage of my crazy motivation weeks, do a ton of things, write up the posts and then when I have my lazy weeks, I throw them up on the blog (and play Sims), lol.

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      • Hmmm maybe I should track my crazy cycles see if there’s a pattern I can exploit! I always just assumed I subconsciously was trying to sabotage or challenge myself. Or if you asked my family they would probably suggest I just wanted to make them all be prepared to seek shelter while Tami Tornado was in town!! 😀


    • Thanks!! I was tempted to just tuck them in and sew it up but then I worried that if she throws it in the wash it would unravel in spots. 😦


  4. My day was SLOOOOOW, probably because of that dratted SNOOOOOW, and I had an allergy headache that would not stop, so I was a bum, and happy to hand off all my energy to you!! I’m glad you were able to use it to such great effect!😉

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    • I’m hoping for a sloooower day tomorrow. I have plenty of leftover lasagna so I won’t need to make dinner. I intend to set up camp in my recliner chair and crochet all day!! 😀

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  5. Well you wouldn’t want to be bored, would you! Much better to have 50 things all going at once to keep you entertained 😉
    I’ve only made eclairs twice and both times it took me FOREVER, so I’m super impressed with you adding that into the mix. They’re so worth the effort though. Mmmmm eclairs….

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    • Ha!! Cream puffs and eclairs are my favorite recipe to bake!! I think I could make a pate a choux with my eyes closed! For just a Wednesday night dinner I do take a shortcut by using instant vanilla pudding and whipping cream. But when I really want to impress or if I don’t have any cream I do take the time to make pastry cream – but not often because it’s a pain in the butt! I’m going to balance my crazy busy day yesterday with a relaxy day today. I still have a lot of crocheting to do. 😀


    • Thanks Brenna! I need to give myself too much to do sometimes – a little stress is good now and then. Especially when I am the one creating it and controlling it. The eclairs came out really good – I had to send a bunch home with my son otherwise I would have eaten too many!! 😀

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  6. Um, how do you do it?? Eclairs are enough to finish most people off! I suggest you write a self-help book on getting stuff done. I am confident you can squeeze in the writing somewhere!

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    • Oh Puff it’s very simple – you make a to do list that is 5 miles long and then post about it publicly so you will look foolish to the whole world wide web if you don’t finish it. I should do a post about the eclairs because I must be using an Eclairs for Dummies recipe that really isn’t very hard. I’m not that good of a pastry chef to do any fancy patisserie magic! (In my head I’m Mary Berry – though I like to think I look more like Paul Hollywood) 😀

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      • Aah! Actually Years ago I used to find Mary Berry quite scary. She was a bit more fierce then though. An eclair post for dummies would be great and I will file it for when I have a competent oven… Now get back to work!

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      • I’m reading the weekly post from the wise and wonderful Ms. Cobs at the moment, while I’m taking a little crochet break. She really is just fabulous!! 😀

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