Crochet Project Update – Aimee’s Birthday Present

Like usual, it’s coming down to the wire and it is gearing up to be a late night of crocheting to finish up Aimee’s birthday present.

The last time I posted I had the first pillow about halfway done. Then I decided to go crazy and make a huge dinner plus eclairs.

Let’s talk about the eclairs first.


Yeah they came out really good! I went a little crazy with the ganache but why not!

I will be posting the recipe that I used for these delicious chocolate eclairs tomorrow on Tanglewood Tapestry. I will reblog it here also to share it with anyone that is not following Tapestry. The recipe is a standard pate a choux and it is really easy. I was surprised to see so many comments that thought baking them was an ambitious venture. So it got me to thinking that maybe I’m using a very easy recipe that should be shared. That way everyone can stuff their faces like I did with these decadent, delicious eclairs! Yes – my low carb diet took the day off on Wednesday.

Then there was the lasagna.

Also delicious. I make a huge pot of sauce using mostly fresh ingredients except for canned tomatoes. I have a container of leftover sauce in the freezer waiting to be used for Pasta with Meatballs next week and some Meatball Grinders.

Now lets talk about Aimee’s birthday presents.

The rectangle pillow is done!

aimee pillow 4

The round pillow is almost done. I’m actually in pretty good shape. I am doing the decrease rounds on the pillow base and have most of the doily motif done for the top of the pillow.

I was able to work the circle Hairpin Lace motif into the center of the doily. I have about an inch or so more to fill in with another round or two. This design was completely off of the top of my head – I totally winged it! I’m thinking of some fan stitches with picots in between on the next round, then maybe a nice row of popcorn stitches on the very last round. We’ll see.

I sadly will not be able to finish the duster style cardigan by tomorrow. That’s okay – it will be much easier to mail her the sweater than the pillows. So the pillows were the priority to finish for when I see Aimee tomorrow.

In other news – I posted a ghost story for my Scary Saturday feature on Tanglewood Tapestry. This week it is a story that my Aunt told me years ago about a chilling night my Uncle experienced once. The story was told to me by my aunt because my uncle refused to ever talk about it. If scary stories aren’t your cup of tea I do have a couple of whimsical short stories posted there too – Tanglewood Tapestry Short Stories. These are not scary at all!

Now I need to get back to crocheting!

Have a great night and thanks for reading!!

~ Tami


39 responses to “Crochet Project Update – Aimee’s Birthday Present

  1. I love the creative way you’ve used hairpin crochet for the cushion. I suddenly want to eat fifty eclairs while submerged in a chocolate ganache bath.

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    • A chocolate ganache bath sounds messy and amazing! I actually had a lot left over from glazing the eclairs so I let it sit in the fridge to set like fudge and ate it all with a big spoon!!! I love making hairpin lace but end up stumped with what to do with the strips. I thought the circle would be perfect for this pillow! πŸ˜€

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  2. Damn that food looks so good! You’ve done really well with all your business cooking and crocheting πŸ˜… – I love the pillows, I think a popcorn stitch will look awesome and a nice touch πŸ˜€ I can’t stop looking at the hairpin lace pillow, it’s so different and will really stand out when it goes to its new home. Happy Saturday!

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    • I’m really happy with how it came out too! I was worried that the design I saw in my head would not come out right off my hook! I’m hoping I can finish it tonight – if not I’ll be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow!! Happy Saturday to you too! Doing anything fun? πŸ˜€

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      • Sometimes when you vision something in your head it turns out much better! Can’t wait to see it finished πŸ˜€ erm I’m in bed now just finally put the laptop down I’m a tad hungover today lol!

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  3. PΓ’te Γ  choux is so easy to make (and tasty – especially when smothered in chocolate ganache, yum!). I don’t know what happened, but I missed your post on hairpin lace crochet! I’ve been looking forward to it ever since you mentioned it on an earlier post. Oh well, found it now! Now that I see what kind of results it can yield, I know it’s something that has to go on my crochet bucket list! The pillows look really nice, I love the colour scheme!

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    • I made 200 cream puffs for my daughter’s wedding last year – I swear I can mix up a pate a choux with my eyes closed!! I do take a shortcut with the filling – making pastry cream is a pain in the butt and whipped cream deflates too quickly. I really enjoy making hairpin lace – once you get comfortable turning the loom it’s very relaxing!! I think you’ll like it! πŸ˜€

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  4. Wow look at those eclairs ! I have never thought about making some so thank you in advance for the recipe they look yummy! Your crochet cushions look great too and the hairpinlace centre on the doily works a treat , I!m sure both will be cherished.

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    • Thanks! I use the same recipe to make cream puffs when I don’t have the ingredients to make the chocolate ganache. Cream puffs are even easier to make! I was so glad that the hairpin circle found a project to call home! I had made the circle just for the blog post about hairpin lace and it was sitting on my table waiting for me to find a use for it. πŸ˜€

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  5. The cushions look fantastic! The colours are unusual but I love them. as for the eclairs…I may need to give my keyboard a wipe…drool is not dignified…

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    • I should have also put up a warning to wear a bib before reading!! Some of the foodie blogs I follow are just incredible! The pictures are absolutely drool-worthy!! πŸ˜€

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      • Awesome! That’s encouraging to know. I’m working on a shell stitch skirt. Next I’ll try that stitch on a skirt. It should be neat to see how it pans out!(ΰΉ‘>β—‘<ΰΉ‘)

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      • I can’t wait to see it! I’m working on a maxi skirt – I’m doing a single stitch to cover my butt and then I’m going to do some lacier stitches once I get to just above the knee – I’m not sure what stitches I’ll be using, I’m going to wing it and see how it turns out! πŸ˜€

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  6. Those Γ©clairs look delicious! What do you use for the stuffing? I normally make chocolate mousse! Yum! And the cushions are looking great too πŸ™‚ I’m sure your daughter will love them!

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    • I use instant vanilla pudding that I whip with heavy cream – so it is a very thick mousse-like filling!! Super easy too! I need to try chocolate pudding next time! πŸ˜€

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    • Oh my gosh just barely! I was sewing the doily to the round pillow like an hour before she stopped by! Thanks – I was really happy with how they came out too and she loved them! I didn’t finish the sweater but she said that was okay she didn’t mind waiting for it. πŸ˜€

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