Yeah, I can Crochet That!

This is something I love to say! Being an avid crocheter I am always looking at pictures of beautiful crocheted items or patterns and think – Yeah I can crochet that!

But I also look at little problems or situations that I can use my crochet skills to come up with some creative solutions. This week I had one of those moments where a little problem popped up and I immediately looked at my hooks for a way to fix it.

I really love opportunities to be able to save money, be creative, and think ‘outside the box’. Well, this week I needed to think ‘outside the octagon’!

When my husband got home from Jiu Jitsu on Sunday night he mentioned that both the knees on his gi pants were getting worn through. Gi’s and gi pants are kind of expensive so he said that maybe he would get some patches for the knees on his pants.

Did you hear that popping pinging noise? That was the light bulb going off!

I crocheted some patches to fix his pants!

BJJ Gi Patch 2

The patch on the top is a funny Jiu Jitsu meme that he recently showed me the video for. I really didn’t think it was that funny but he was laughing a lot about it so that is what inspired me to stitch No Knee Bah onto this patch. The bottom patch is the logo for his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school.

BJJ Gi Patch 3

This is what the knees of his Jiu Jitsu Gi looked like before. These were in really rough shape – he literally rolls around on the floor for two hours a day at least five days a week.

BJJ Gi Patch 1

This is the after picture! I ended up needing to sew these on by hand because my tiny little sewing machine could not handle the thick canvas material and also was designed to sew for people with tiny legs. There was no way I could maneuver the pant leg to fit under the needle. It took a pretty long time to hand sew the patches, the stitches are not even close to being pretty, and my finger tip is very bruised – but I did it!

I like looking at things and looking at my hooks and saying – Yeah I can crochet that!

Thanks for reading!

~ Tami

44 responses to “Yeah, I can Crochet That!

  1. Way to go!! Looks great. I’m not a hand sew’r either and my machine hasn’t seen the light of day in several years hahaha Kudo’s to you, that wasn’t easy sewing. I do the same thing but I also critique hair styles and product commercials.. too many years being a stylist hahaha

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    • I actually had to take my sewing machine out of the box it – I had bought it for my daughter and she never even used it! There were some cuss words flying around here because I had to figure out how to set it up, thread the damn thing and THEN find out I couldn’t get get the pant leg in right!! Next time I think I will just crochet him some new gi pants!! πŸ˜€

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  2. Such a cool idea! Thinking outside the box is right: I never would have thought of patching knee holes with crochet. However, you’ve inspired me. I’ve burned holes through my two running tights playing squash so I think I’ll try crocheting some light knee pads that I can wear over my tights during my squash games.

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  3. Tami ~ The seamstress in me is posting here with some sewing tips should you need to resort to needle and thread again:
    1) get a thimble! Put it on the finger you’re wearing thin.
    2) use a sturdy needle that’s matched to the weight of your fabric. (I can send more info if you need it)
    3) Use a small piece of rubber to grip the needle if it’s hard to pull through the fabric. Buy rubber needle grips in the notions section, or use a pair of rubber cleaning gloves. Slip the glove on when you need it, or cut it into smaller pieces you can keep in your sewing box. If you cut it up, you can use the fingertips as is.
    3a) Use a pair of pliers to grip the needle if it’s really tough to pull through.
    Just a little info to file away in case you need it. πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you Jan! These are all some really great tips. I am definitely going to be picking up some basic sewing supplies. I have one of those tiny emergency sewing kit that is really kind of useless except for doing some minor mending. On the bright side – I figured out how to thread my little sewing machine. πŸ˜€


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    • I love making clothes now. I used to be afraid to but not anymore. It’s funny most of the time it’s a lot more expensive to crochet than to buy them. I feel so proud though when I’m wearing something I made. Especially if it turned out the way I wanted it to. πŸ˜€

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