Happy Mother’s Day! 

Today is Mother’s Day in the US and in many other countries around the world. I wanted to take a moment to say Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing women doing the hardest but most rewarding job on Earth!

It’s funny, when my children were small the only thing I ever asked for on Mother’s Day was for just a few hours, not even the whole day, but just a few hours – I didn’t want to be  a Mother. That’s all I wanted.

Don’t be mistaken – I love being a mother – I just didn’t want to have to act like a mother for a few hours on the second Sunday in May.

I didn’t want breakfast in bed – I just didn’t want to have to worry about putting together a healthy meal for everyone else and hope that they would eat it.

I didn’t want gifts – I just wanted one day where I didn’t have to worry choosing and figuring out how to pay for gifts for anybody.

I didn’t want someone else to do all the household chores – I just didn’t want to do them or worry about if they were being done.

I just wanted some peace and quiet. No cooking, no cleaning, no runny noses, no diapers, no intervening in siblings squabbling, no tending to minor scrapes, no needing to make any decisions about anything. I wanted absolutely NOTHING for Mother’s Day. My ex husband is an excellent father and he would do his best to indulge me on my Mother’s day. The family was perfectly safe and sound without me thinking I NEEDED to do anything for a day.  Of course I would participate in any special meals they had planned for me. I squealed with delight at the cards or gifts that they did give to me in spite of my request not to. I didn’t remove myself from the family for the day. I just wanted to give myself permission for one day, just one day, to not worry, debate, decide, redirect, intervene, provide, nourish, protect, clean, and all of the other hard or tedious parts of being a mother. I wanted to just enjoy all of the fluffy parts – the giggles, the hugs, the conversations, the good baby smells, the lovely artwork. The good stuff.


Now my children are all grown. My youngest will be graduating high school in a few weeks. They don’t need me to care for them. I don’t need to do all of the hard or tedious parts of being a mother.

But that’s what I want for Mother’s Day now! For just a few hours, for one day, just one day – I want them to need me.

So, to celebrate Mother’s Day today I woke up a little before 5:00 AM and put together a French Toast Bake and a Breakfast Casserole.

I am wrapping it up and bringing it over to my son’s along with the hubby and youngest daughter.

I am going to feed my kids  – that’s all I want.

I want to have a nice chat with my oldest daughter Aimee later this evening – she lives a little over 4 hours away.

And that is all I want!

I hope that everyone is either showering their mother’s with love and gifts or are being showered with love and gifts if you are a mother. I hope that everyone will take a moment to remember their mothers.

Thank you for reading!

~ Tami


34 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day! 

    • Happy Mother’s Day Tracy!! My nest isn’t completely empty yet but that will change in just a few months! I need to stock up on yarn so that I can crochet myself through Empty Nest Syndrome!! 😀

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  1. Love this, Tami! I’m in the midst of the wanting an hour to myself but in the back of my mind I remember this time is fleeting.

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  2. Happy Mothers Day!!! You words are sooo true.. my youngest has a year left of high school and I’ve had plenty of alone time the last few years.. miss the mom, mooom, mooooooom. Haha 😁

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    • Happy Mothers Day Sandi!! Oh the moooooom call – yes! It’s only been a year or two that I no longer turn my head when I hear the Mooooooom call out in public! 😀

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    • Thank you Brenna! Happy Mother’s day to you too! I had a wonderful time watching my kids enjoying the breakfast I made for them! And my son made me some Mimosas so yeah – it was a good day!!! 😀

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  3. I’m just waiting for the grandbabies to start rolling in! That will be the best – tiny babies to coo and cuddle then give them back to their mom’s when they start fussing!! I’m so ready for that phase of my life to start! 😀

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  4. Tami, I feel the SAME WAY about always enjoying quiet alone time during Mother’s Day … and it was lovely yesterday just to relax, knowing my kids are old enough I could just sit back and read the paper, do the crossword and other puzzles, do something creative. BUT I also love that you made time to share with your adult kids. We went downtown to visit Seattle’s Pike Place Market yesterday afternoon, and we also took a trip up to the Observation Floor of the 42-story Smith Tower afterward. Out w a ton of tourists, but the weather was good and we loved it. Thanks! 🙂

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  5. Aw Tami , nearly made me cry! My girls are very small, just 4 and 6, so I am still at the first stage you mention. A little easier now there are no babies/toddlers around but they are FULL ON, a time you clearly recall, and many years to go yet! If I’d written this last night I might have worded it differently 😁 but it’s morning now, I slept well, and I’m ready to go another round, conscious that these years don’t last forever. Sometimes I think I’m going to lose my freaking mind, but every day with them is a blessing. Just often in a very good disguise? 😂 x

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    • I hear you Pam! My older son and daughter are a little less than 2 years apart so for at least 5 years straight it was non stop diapers, no sleep, immunizations and check ups, potty training etc etc – so many fun times for sure, a lot of precious memories too. But I felt like I was in a daze most of the time. And honestly many days I was in survival mode – just let me get through today, next week, another year – as they get older life will be easier. And it does get easier. Then when first two were 12 and 10 I had my youngest daughter. 😀 She was easiest by far because we had the older two to help entertain her. When I reflect on it I see now that there was the perfect balance of hard mom work and wonderful mom moments. I also realize that I probably made things more difficult than I needed to sometimes by second guessing myself or worrying too much about things that in the long run didn’t make any difference at all. Hands down being a parent is the hardest but most rewarding job on earth! ❤


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