Crochet Summer Crop Top

One of my goals for May is to crochet some summer tops for my lovely friend Danielle. This top was my own design – I just let my hook do it’s thing!

I was thinking about waiting until after I sent it to her to do a post about it because I wanted some fabulous pictures of her wearing it. I decided to post now instead just in case I need to make any adjustments on it. I will still follow up with pictures of gorgeous Danielle modelling my handiwork, but didn’t want to delay anything if it needs to be shipped back to me for any tweaking.

V stitch croptop 1

It is really difficult to crochet any type of apparel without having either a person or a mannequin to keep checking the fit. Extra challenging when going on measurements and crochet instinct alone and not following a pattern. One of the biggest problems I have with crocheting a tank top is the length of the straps. I always make them too long.

Even though this top looks like it is a halter style, it really isn’t. It’s 99% finished because I came up with a plan to deal with the strap length!


I don’t have a very large button collection and didn’t really have anything that I thought would look sassy enough for this top. So I need to find some sexy buttons over the weekend. The great thing about double crochet stitch is that you end up with an instant button hole between every stitch! So I’m going to sew some buttons onto the end of the straps and she can button it up in the back for an exact fit!!

The color in the photo of this top is way way off due to the GORGEOUSLY beautiful super sunny day we’re having today. It looks like a turquoise but this is actually some of the Caron Simply Soft Pagoda color yarn that I had leftover from Aimee’s pillow. It’s a deep shiny teal color. The real color of this top is closer to the blue/green color of the coasters on the right.

I did not write down a pattern. But if you are an experienced crocheter it’s not hard to figure it out. I worked 4 rows of DC that measured 34 inches. Then 6 rows of DC V stitch. Another 4 rows of DC then I sewed the ends together in the back to form a 34″ diameter circle. I used the seam in the back to determine the center stitch in the front. I used a fancy stitch marker (a safety pin) on that center stitch.

V stitch croptop


The cups were worked individually starting 2 stitches off the center on both sides. I used DC stitch decreasing at the turn of every row. The decrease was not typical – instead of 2tog I skipped the first stitch in each row. Using just that one decrease on every row I continued until I only had 2 stitches left in the row. I then made a chain of 42 and DC’d my way back to the front. Same process for the other cup. Now I just need to add the buttons and this will be on it’s way to Danielle – who has been waiting so patiently. 😀

I have another design in mind that will incorporate some of the lovely Hairpin Lace technique. Hopefully my head vision matches reality vision. 😀

Thanks for reading!!

~ Tami


54 responses to “Crochet Summer Crop Top

    • Thanks! You have the skills to make this too Carrie!! If you know how to do a double crochet stitch you can do this. I watched dozens of videos for making bikini tops, crop tops and halter tops – they all are basically the same concept. I just used stitches I know. 😀


  1. Wtf is that all you did to make it! It seems sooooo simple but way outta my league. Looks really freakin good, that colour is perfect for summer!! We want more crochet clothes by Tami and when we do want it? Nowwwwww 😅😅😅

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    • Thanks Brenna! My muffin top and my chest are getting close to meeting in the middle so halter tops are not an option for me anymore! LOL I’m glad I know enough lovely young ladies to make things for!! 😀

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  2. So pretty. I know I can make crochet clothes but I just never do. I can count the times in my crochet life I’ve done it. Lets see, three crochet coats (two of which are still WIPS), one lacy summer top (which I gave away), ….. oh yeah, mermaid skirts and a dragon cloak (do those count?)….slippers? Not sure those count. Doll clothes! Lots and lots of doll clothes! I’m going to count those. I’ll live vicariously through you and enjoy what you make. 🙂

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    • And I’ll live vicariously through someone that has a figure to wear tops like this LOL!! All of those things count!! I’ve made a lot more clothes that are in the ‘wear around the house’ category than anything else!! 😀

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  3. It’s really cute. Lol. I always have problems with the straps too. Sometimes I’d use a measuring tape and somehow it will still be too long, I’d frog my work a couple times before getting it right. And it’s like way off from the measurement I took 🤷🏽‍♀️

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    • It’s so frustrating isn’t it?!? I don’t want to make every summer top into a halter LOL!! I think I’m going to try making a tube top next. I read somewhere that they are back in style. I think if I use a back loop stitch like you would for a hat brim it would be stretchy enough to stay up. 🙂


      • It is. I just say to myself “it’s ok, dot let it frustrate you, think of it as practice and perfecting your work”. That works. Sometimes. And sometimes, I just say “ok not today crochet, not today”. Lol. I made a tube top a few months ago. Idk if you know what I’m talking about, but it’s the one that’s all over Pinterest. Basically DC with a laced up front or back (whichever way you choose to wear it) and the little cuffs on the arms. It turned out really well. And different from the regular halter. But it still looks good as a halter if u wear the laced up part as the front and tie the stings around your neck instead of a bow.

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      • I think what you just described is one that I was literally JUST looking at on youtube! Sounds exactly like it. If it’s the same one then yeah it is seriously cute! ❤

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    • Thank you! There are so many absolutely gorgeous crochet top designs out there! I wish I knew how to make these about 20 years ago – I would have filled my closet with crochet tops!! 😀

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  4. Nicely done Tami! You remind me of my sis. She would cut out a pattern, and then decide she didn’t like it and just start cutting, and it always worked. Not me, yesterday I was at the sewing machine measuring my top stitching with a ruler…I am not a free hander, so I’ll just watch your show!😊

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    • Thank you Kathy! There is a whole pond full of frogging here before it gets to the photo shoot. My biggest problem is not writing anything down when I start to wing it like that. So all of my creations are one of a kind – not too bad I guess, except when I’m doing something that you need two of – slippers, mittens, sleeves LOL! 😀

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  6. It looks great! I usually only make fitted clothing for dolls, or babies. I haven’t tried anything for an adult yet, but I have some patterns I would love to try, so some day I’ll take the plunge.

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    • I was really surprise how easy some of the sweater patterns are. I have been crocheting for over 30 years but was only brave enough to try to make a sweater 2 years ago! A super easy pattern that can be modified to make a cardigan, or a pull over is the one I used for the Spring Sweater I posted about in April I think. It’s a video tutorial and once you get the concept down you can make an entire wardrobe of different kinds of sweaters! 😀

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  7. I can’t believe it’s so simple! It’s absolutely gorgeous and I’d totally wear it. I’m working on my very first crochet summer top this weekend, hopefully it will turn out as well as yours did 🙂

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    • Thanks Hannah!! I wish I could wear this one. It’s about 10 sizes and 10 years too small for me LOL! I saw your Instagram post – I love that yarn you’re using!! I can’t wait to see it!! 😀


  8. You, Tami, are SOooo clever and so talented, that I shouldn’t like you. But I do. You’re brilliant. Amazing even.
    And added to that … you have such a lovely personality.
    Where are you hiding the magic wand??? And could you whip me up a bit of magic please? I’d like the figure I had at 18, and the money I had when we paid up our mortgage and lived life like I’d invented it. (basically before we sold our cottage and bought this new one by the sea!)

    So … those two requests for magic should be enough . . . for now. 😀

    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    • Oh Cobs, I wish that I had a magick wand! The closest thing I have is my crochet hook and it has a mind of it’s own! I can’t seem to make it follow written patterns. I try, but it rolls its eyes and sticks its tongue out at me then goes about crocheting whatever the hell it feels like!! My hook acts like a very cheeky wild imp!! Oh wouldn’t it be marvelous if I could crochet teeny little tops like these and have them magically transform the wearer’s figure into a young sexy one!! Then I would be rich!! I would have enough money to buy the house next door to your Cottage by the Sea and we could giggle and have clever conversations over coffee or tea all day!
      I’m quite sure you and I still live life like we invented it – it’s just that now our inventions have cushier seats, comfier shoes, and hand rails.
      Thank you ever so much for popping by Dear dear Cobs! I’ll be sure to tuck away some of this yarn and clear you off a proper seat for future visits! Or maybe I’ll see if my magick crochet hook could stitch up a nice fluffy pillow for you to sit on the next time you stop by!
      ~ Tami

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      • Aw, if you did that I’d never sit on it, for while I’m sitting on it I can’t look at it and love it with my eyes!

        Ohhh I so wish I had someone nearby as a craft buddy. I have visions of sharing dies, talking papers, and spending the odd afternoon crafting together. But sadly, there’s no one here (near where I live) who crafts.

        I rather like that idea of crocheting a garment which magically turns a middle aged figure back to the young ‘you’ figure. Ohhhh… I’ll place my order right now! In fact … I’ll have one in Deep Red … and one in Black.

        But … sadly … you’re right about the cushier seats, comfier shoes and hand rails! LOL
        Aw, there’s nothing left worth saving really, is there! LOL
        Sending squidges ~ C xx

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    • Thanks Meghan! Yes it is a lot easier. I usually use my husband to try out the fit for large and extra large sizes but the young lady I made this top for is extra small. Hubby is actually a very good sport about being my MANnequin! 😀

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