Wizards & Witches

In my house and in my family the Geekness is strong. From video games and cosplay to Dungeons & Dragons and Fantasy Fiction – we love it all!

I made a lot of hats last year – a LOT of hats. I have officially decided that for this year I will only make fun hats. No messy buns, no beanies – unless there is a millinery emergency I will only be making novelty hats this year.

Regarding Wizards

My son Bill is a huge D&D fan. He’s been playing for years and is often the Dungeon Master. He has an incredible knack for storytelling and a detailed knowledge of the game rules, etiquette, and protocols. He is a fine Dungeon Master entertaining his band of geeky friends for hours with their adventures and campaigns!

For a few years I was in my glory because my husband and I would host Bill’s games. Hubby would roll up a character and play along. I would cook and bake and keep the adventurers’ well nourished for the entire evening!

For Christmas last year I crocheted a Gandalf the Grey style hat for Bill. He loved it and asked if I could make him a more flashy wizard hat.

So I did!

wizard hat 5

Regarding Witches

Although either of these hats can be easily modified to become witch’s hats, which I may make in October, that is not the reason for Witches being in the title of this post.

In addition to video games, Dungeons & Dragons, and other geeky goodness, we are also fans of Fantasy Fiction.

In fact, my husband has written fantasy fiction books. And this is a shameless plug for them.

The Witch’s Catalyst – Book 1 The Risen Lands Duology


“They thought they had succeeded, containing what they could not destroy. An evil forgotten to time for nearly two thousand years is on the brink of resurfacing. The world will feel the consequences of failure from the wizards of old, suffering a magic more devastating than even its twisted creator could imagine. The land of Luskir will never be the same. Book 1 of the Risen Lands Duology. ”

Available in Paperback and Kindle at Amazon here.

Book two of the Risen Lands Duology is still being written and should be ready for publication within the year. The Witch’s Catalyst can be read alone with the second book being a continuation of the adventures.

The second published book is a companion novel, or a prequel of sorts, to The Witch’s Catalyst. Based on my *ahem* gentle nudging and encouragement I convinced my husband to tell some of the antagonist Sevra’s story. I needed to know – How do powerful sorceresses become evil? Are they born that way or does something make them that way? I actually started to write Sevra’s story and my husband picked it up to finish it after I had written a few pages. I was determined that her story be told.

Destiny’s Gem (free download from Amazon)


“Destiny’s Gem is a novella prequel to book one of the Risen Lands series, The Witch’s Catalyst. Learn the tale of Sevra, how she came to inherit her powers and the necklace which will one day unleash a calamity upon the land of Luskir. “Every character has a tale, a history all their own. Each plays a part in the story of the gems, a role however large or small, for good or evil. This is the story of Sevra, most decidedly evil – though she was not always this way.” This book can be read prior to the main series, or after without detracting from either story.”

I will be posting Destiny’s Gem one chapter at a time on Tanglewood Tapestry. If you don’t want to wait for a weekly post you can download the entire book using the link above the picture.

Both of these books were self published by my husband. He and I spent many hours with editing and bringing his dream of writing a fantasy novel to life.

As many of my writer friends can attest to – it is very difficult to market a book. Especially if you work full time and are still writing more books.

I have been wanting to put more time aside to read….. To read more than just blogs. 😀

Have you self published a book? I want to read it. Lyn and Theresa – I will be reading yours first. 🙂

Anyone else that has written a book – even if it is not Fantasy/Scifi – feel free to email me with a link to your book tanglewoodknots@gmail.com. If the price of your book is reasonable I won’t mind shelling out a few bucks. Free downloads will most likely be read first (except yours Lyn).  🙂

Thanks for reading!

~ Tami


26 responses to “Wizards & Witches

  1. Those hats are super cool! I am so glad to see a different type of hat because I am super sick of seeing bobble hats. OH I totally forgot to get your husbands book! I have a few books I need to read and make some library space so I’ll add it to my list. Also kudos to you for wanting to read people’s books, I’ll have a book published in about 1340 years 😅😅😅

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    • Thanks! I have some really fun hat plans in store for the fall and winter! No bobbles!!! I love to read but I haven’t had time which seems silly there must be something I can stop doing to make time – I’m thinking if I stop doing dishes I’ll have plenty of time!!! Sign me up for the waiting list for your book! 😀

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  2. I wrote a crochet book on how to make crochet dolls. Waiting on hubby to lay it out so we can have a digital book out. We will self publish but I don’t know when!
    I’ll have to check out your hubby’s book. I love fantasy fiction. It’s what I mostly read. 🙂

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  3. We’re just about to start our first D&D experience here and I’m so freaking excited! Those hats are awesome! No wizard this time ’round, but will definitely be keeping this pattern close for when we do have one.

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    • I have only played a few times, but I love spectating! There are a lot of really awesome geeky hat patterns out there. I would love to make Tim the Enchanter’s hat from Monty Python. 😀


      • Hahaha! Now I know for a fact that you have the skills to make one for yourself LOL! And you know that I would be open to discussing a trade – LoTR blanket for a Zelda hat – I’ll even crochet a tunic too!! LOLOL 😀

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  5. Wow you achieved so much in May! I’m loving the maxi skirt and well done for the progress with your tatting! I still have not got further than winding the shuttles haha oh well there’s always next month! 😉

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