A Little Sunshine!

Finally after what seemed like weeks of cloudy days I am so happy to see bright, glorious, warm, yellow sunshine today!! I was so inspired by this sunny day that I made a little sunshine I can look at when the cloudy days seem to go on and on. Literally and metaphorically!!


little sunshine 1

I hung it off of the curio shelf I have above my computer desk. Now I have two things on my shelf that brighten my day every time I look at them. Can you guess what the second thing is? (my very sweet daughter Aimee gave me that mug for Christmas!)

little sunshine 2

This is a super easy applique to make – any size hook/yarn can be used. I’m sure that there are tons of patterns out there for making this but I will jot it down here so you don’t need to go looking for one.

little sunshine

A Little Sunshine Crochet Applique Pattern

(in US terms)

  1. Chain 4 and slip stitch to form a circle
  2. Chain 4
  3. Single crochet into the first stitch from the hook
  4. Half Double crochet into the next stitch down the chain
  5. Double crochet in the next stitch down the chain
  6. Single crochet into the circle
  7. Chain 4
  8. Single crochet into the first stitch from the hook
  9. HDC into next stitch down the chain
  10. DC into next stitch down the chain
  11. SC into ring
  12. Continue making these little “triangles” until you have as many sun rays that you want.

wizard hat 5

I love the triangles that this series of sc/hdc/dc make and have used this mini pattern for borders and also used this pattern for the star appliques that I put on the Wizards Hat but instead of making 8 points I only made 5.



I hope you enjoy this little bit of sunshine today – I know I will! I’m going to gather up my hooks and mostly finished skirt and head outside!

Thanks for reading!

~ Tami



26 responses to “A Little Sunshine!

  1. Tami ~ This makes me smile. I’ll be pinning and putting this in my file folder: crocheted flowers… Might show up in my next wreath or something else I might come up with. Maybe a hat or scarf?
    Enjoy the sunshine!

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    • Oh Jan this makes me smile!! I can’t wait to see where this little sunshine pops up in your projects!! It would be a pretty flower too, I was thinking that as I was taking the pictures! I’ll be keeping an eye out for it. 😀

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    • I 100% agree Yolanda!! And since there’s not a ‘sunshine switch’ to turn on we can all make these “little bits of sunshine” to look at whenever we want!! 😀

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