Kumihimo Beaded Bracelet

I think that I’m going to officially be renaming Saturday to SaturBraid!! While hubby was off to Jiu Jitsu this morning I looked at my Kimihimo disk and it looked sad because I haven’t used it in a week! 

So we have another day of bright sunny skies and it inspired me to dig out the bowl of gold seed beads that I’ve had in my stash for about two years. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make, but I did know I wanted to play around with adding beads to the braiding. It was a lot of prep work threading the beads but once I got going it really made braiding even MORE fun!

I used some black size 3 crochet thread that I also had in my stash. I kind of like the rustic look of the cotton against the shiny beads. I may use silk or nylon cord in the future to add to the shiny, sparkly look of the beads.

kumihimo with gold beads 3

Again this bracelet isn’t 100% complete because I still need to add a clasp to it. I don’t have any gold tone end clamps or findings right now. So this lovely little bauble will be sitting here on my work station just waiting to give me a sparkly wink when the sun hits it and make me smile.

I am completely addicted to Kumihimo braiding now – there is no going back! I think next week I may experiment with going to 16 cords instead of 8. Maybe some nice patriotic rope in Red, White, & Blue!!

Thanks for reading!!

~ Tami

46 responses to “Kumihimo Beaded Bracelet

    • It is crazy fun Robin! I have so many things I want to make with these braids!! I really like that you can use pretty much any kind of string or yarn so I don’t have to go buy anything really special for it, other than jewelry findings. 😀

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  1. This Beautiful! Is there anything you don’t do!!! I would love to see more of your creations. I can hear the creative wheels turning from here.

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    • Thank you! It was really so much fun learning this craft. It’s very easy to do. I’m really looking forward to finding more color combinations to create. 🙂

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      • I know how you feel. I like to cross stitch and patchwork, but finished results are usually slow to achieve. Which is why I’ve been enjoying crocheting amigurumi and beanies – because they give more rapid results lol.

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    • Thank you Claire! It really is so relaxing and rewarding!! I loved being able to make something pretty in a few hours. I LOVE to crochet but sometimes waiting weeks to see something done is so hard! 😀


    • Oh you really need to add some beads Karen! With that gorgeous sparkly cord you use!! You will be making some very stunning braids!! 😀


    • Thanks Tracy! It is so much fun learning new things! These are going to be great little projects for the summer. Sometimes it is just too hot to crochet and these little knotty crafts will be perfect!! 😀


  2. When I first got into Kumihimo I bought a kit in New Hampshire that used a button as the clasp. It’s a clever idea, you just thread your yarn through it before you thread your disc. To give you an idea, you can see pictures when I talked about it and the bead shop on my blog a few years ago: https://yarnblabber.wordpress.com/2014/07/18/anitas-beads-in-wakefield-nh/ I personally think this is the best way to have a closure for a kumihimo bracelet. Experience has taught me that jewelry cement is not fool proof.

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      • You’re so very welcome. I love your bracelet and can’t wait to see what you’ve decided to add as a clasp. I’ve made some kumihimo jewelry and it’s very addictive because you can add any old findings you like, which means finding shopping becomes a new thing to get into among all the other things you get into! I mean, if you can stash yarn, why not findings?

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      • I know right!!!! I’m going to need to use up some of my yarn to make room for the beads, buttons and findings hoard that I see in my near future!! 😀

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    • There is a little more prep work to add the beads. You thread the beads on to as many strings as you want – for this one I had beads on 4 out of 8 strings. Then you wrap the strings up on the bobbin leaving the beads outside of the bobbin. Then when you are working a string with beads on it, you slide a bead down to sit between the 2 strings on the disk then continue as normal. It is really very easy. I have to warn you Hannah – if you try it you will become addicted!!!!! 😀


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