Dancing Butterflies Wrap Crochet Pattern

The first thing that I loved about this crochet wrap was the name – Dancing Butterflies Wrap. Can you imagine anything more beautiful than a kaleidoscope of butterflies flitting about? The designer used her hook like a net to capture the magical essence of fluttering butterflies!

First off – I want to thank Jan at Jan Made It for teaching me that one of the terms for a gathering of butterflies is a Kaleidoscope. She recently posted about some lovely butterfly barrettes that she made with her nieces – Butterfly and Flower Hair Clips.

Now let’s talk about this Dancing Butterflies Wrap. I don’t usually buy patterns, but I will be buying this pattern and stitching it up as one of my Project Goals for July – yes it is going to be July next week!!!! You can find the pattern for sale on Ravelry:

Dancing Butterflies Wrap Pattern – designed by Erica Thomas

The designer Erica Thomas describes this pattern as being “for crocheters who are looking for a pattern that goes beyond the standard single or double crochet stitches.” I found this really interesting because if I am going to pay for a pattern I don’t want it to be something that I could have easily figured out on my own.


© Mary Rourke

I really like the tall lacy stitch design of this wrap. The length and width are perfect for summer evenings or in air conditioned rooms. I like air conditioning, but my desk in my home office is directly in the line of the arctic blast. I usually end up putting on a sweater but then it’s too hot! This wrap would be perfect to keep my shoulders from getting indoor frostbite!!

I can’t wait to make this shawl. After a quick mental inventory of my yarn stash I think I will need to go buy some yarn specifically for this. The pattern uses bulky yarn which I do have plenty of – but no Butterfly worthy colors!! Now you know I absolutely hate to go yarn shopping but alas I will get through it somehow! Haahaahaaa – I hope that all of my fellow yarn addicts got a good laugh from that last sentence. 😀

Thanks for reading!

~ Tami

64 responses to “Dancing Butterflies Wrap Crochet Pattern

    • Isn’t is lovely! I haven’t looked at the pattern yet but I have some Caron Cakes that have been waiting for the perfect pattern to use them on and this might be it. I’m hoping I can adapt the stitches for the lighter weight yarn. 😀


    • I can’t wait to start it. I told myself that I won’t start any new projects until I finish something but I’m not sure I will be able to resist starting this one! 😀

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  1. Tami, you used your new vocabulary word correctly in a sentence. Your English teacher would be so proud! Thanks for the shout out about the hair clips. I’ve heard Avery wears her butterfly almost everyday.
    And I did laugh when I read how you hate to shop for yarn! It’s not so much buying yarn for that beautiful butterfly wrap, it’s all the other stuff that will jump into your basket and want to come home with you too! Be wary of strays! I mean, unless they’re really, really nice, or on sale, or you have a coupon.

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    • Using vocab words in sentences was my favorite homework assignment!!!! Oh Jan – I think I need to get professional help – since I’ve thrown tatting and Kumihimo into the crafting mix I am completely out of control!!! Now I’m going through the bead and jewelry finding aisle just to get to the yarn aisle so my cart is already half full. Then I go around the corner to the crochet thread section!!! Oh and just to be clear – I don’t need professional help to make me stop my compulsive craft store shopping – I need a professional assistant to help me decide which supplies to get and then help me get them all loaded into the car. 😀

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      • And I also need professional help to build spaces and help me organize these supplies so I can find what I want when I need it. Once I finish with my professional organizer I’ll send her your way!
        I work at Joann’s and realize we have at least one Kumihimo book. I had a 50% off coupon in my pocket last week and had to talk myself out of buying it. So to appease my disappointment I bought a felt crafting book instead.

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    • I know right!!! It really is the worst. Oh well I guess I should get some beads and findings for my Kumihimo braids too while I’m there. So tedious!!! I may need to spend a few hours there. 😀 😀 😀

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    • You’re welcome!! I have not looked at the pattern yet but I was drawn to the unique looking stitches. It fit my standard of not wanting to make the same old same old wrap/shawl. I will, of course, be modifying the stitch counts for a lighter yarn weight. I just can’t seem to not fiddle with a pattern. I like the look of the bulky yarn and may make another for autumn but I’m thinking that a lighter yarn will really make a fantastic open lace. Plus I have some Caron Cakes that are doing a great Arnold Horshack impersonation in my yarn stash – “Oh oh oh Mr. Kotter pick me pick me!!” FYI – you will be showing your age if you get that reference. 😀

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      • I agree with you. The first thing I said to myself was, “I need to use a different weight yarn.” Luckily, I’ve got some leftovers to use. I have no idea who Arnold Horshack is or anybody named Mr. Kotter who was welcomed back.

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  2. Hi Tami! Thank you for having a look at my pattern, I’m so glad you are excited about it! I think it would look lovely in one of the Caron cakes, and you’re right that the stitch pattern will be easy to adjust to a lighter weight yarn. A tiny swatch and you’ll be set to go! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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    • Hi Erica! I am so glad that Theresa sent me the link to your pattern!! The Cakes I have are the perfect butterfly colors and they’ve been sitting there for months just waiting for the right pattern. I definitely want to make this gorgeous pattern in the bulky yarn too in some fall colors! I will be starting this next week as one of my July project goals and I will definitely be following up with another post once it’s finished!!

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    • It’s a really easy repeat pattern. I started on it yesterday and I’m already 1/4 of the way done with it. I’m going to give a little peek of it in my next post, but I will not be able to share a lot of details because it is a paid pattern which ends up having copyright protections. It is really nice and I’ll probably make another one or two or three LOL!! 😀

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      • that’s absolutely fine Tami, I understand, I have stopped crocheting since nearly a decade but I love looking at the patterns and the absolutely delightful work that you do. It gladdens my heart to remember the days I used to crochet though not at your level…still

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      • I have known how to crochet since I was a little girl but then I didn’t make anything for about 10 or 15 years. About 3 years ago I picked up my hook again and I have crocheted every single day since then. Your blog has been reminding me how much I miss reading!! Since I started my blog I haven’t really been reading anything except other blogs! I love your honest reviews and it’s inspiring me to set some time aside to read!! 🙂

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      • Thank you so much Tami, you are very kind . I wanted to start crocheting but in mumbai we don’t get the awesome threads and we don’t wear any of crocheted stuff. It’s too hot and humid here. Even winter is like your summer. But your designs and your love for crochet leaps off from your words. Reminded me of my childhood.. Thank you for that.

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    • Heeheehee – I’m hoping to start on it this weekend! I actually have Monday and Tuesday off for the Fourth of July holiday so I’m hoping for lots of outside crochet time!! 😀

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  3. “Can you imagine anything more beautiful than a kaleidoscope of butterflies flitting about?” Wouldn’t that be magical. I feel like a Disney princess thinking about it but the shawl gives me those feels just looking at the picture..

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    • It’s a nice repeat pattern. I like the color of the yarn but I’m feeling so-so about how it’s working on my hook. When I finish the wrap I’ll throw a mini-yarn review in with the post. I’m hoping to get some time to work on it more today and tomorrow. It’s a holiday weekend here in the US and I should have some free time. 🙂


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