Need Your Help!

Hi Everyone!
Linda at Kelleys DIY is sponsoring a huge giveaway to celebrate her 1 year Blogeversary!! She is looking for crafters to donate prizes. I will be donating an item to help Linda celebrate. She will be providing links to your website if you help her out with a donation. This is an AMAZING opportunity for some excellent exposure to your online store! Let’s all help Kelleys DIY celebrate her website’s anniversary and support each other! Details are in the full post! Did I mention Linda has almost 5,000 followers? YUP – you do the math!!! 😀

13 responses to “Need Your Help!

    • Her site is fantastic! I knew you would be interested!! I know you share my views on community support – plus the bonus opportunity to get some exposure for Imperial Crochet!! I’m waiting for Little Miss Twinklehook to jump in too!! 😀


    • I’m donating the Dancing Butterflies Shawl that I’m making. Rebecca brought up a good point as far as shipping goes – this giveaway is based in the US so I have no idea how that impacts shipping. Linda’s blog is great – so many really fun and creative DYI ideas!! I really enjoy her posts so when she emailed me to see if i would be interested I thought sure why not! 🙂


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