KelleysDIY Giveaway Prize

I am so happy I was able to complete the Dancing Butterflies Wrap in time to donate it for KelleysDIY bloggerversary Giveaway!

KelleysDYI Giveaway - tanglewoodknots

The giveaway is starting soon and there are some fantastic prizes to be won!

Be sure to check out Linda’s site – KelleysDIY it is stuffed full of great stuff – fun, creative activities, home decor, party suggestions etc etc etc! I love it!!

I will be doing a full post on this gorgeous wrap tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!

~ Tami

43 responses to “KelleysDIY Giveaway Prize

  1. It’s beautiful Tami, and your is adorable….wonderful little model. Your so kind, and you have such a big heart. Thank you so much for spreading the word Tami, I’m really excited. So many prizes now….wow!

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