Dancing Butterflies Crochet Wrap

A few weeks ago I posted about a pattern that I was excited to try. After a few hiccups with some unexpected color pooling I was able to finish this wrap and I’m so happy with how it came out!

The Dancing Butterflies Wrap was a nice repeat lace pattern using a variation of a shell/fan stitch which is one of my favorite stitch patterns. The instructions were clear and easy to read. I was a little confused (just for a minute) about how the rows end. For shell style stitches I was used to ending/starting rows with half shells. This pattern used a different row end and though I was skeptical it ended up working out fine.

This is a rectangle shawl that works well with most yarn choices. I had posted previously about how using a variegated yarn I ended up with a color pattern that just didn’t work. Some minor pattern tweaking corrected that. The detail in the stitches would work great with solid colors as well as variegated and self striping yarns.

I used a lighter weight yarn than what the pattern was designed for. I wanted a flowing/wispy shawl that a bulky weight yarn doesn’t really create.

I can’t go into too much detail about the pattern since it is a paid pattern published on Ravelry. I will tell you the minor changes I made to the pattern for the lighter weight yarn.

  • I made the wrap longer and wider than the original pattern specifications
  • I replaced all DC stitches with TRC and SC stitches with HDC

The lacy shell pattern was getting a little lost with the lighter weight yarn so I just made the stitches taller. This created the light and airy effect I was going for.


I am in the process of making another Dancing Butterflies Wrap with bulky weight yarn and following the pattern as written. The wrap builds up pretty quick, but because it is a little heavier it may end up being set aside in my WIP pile until the weather is a little cooler.

dancing butterflies wrap yarn 4

My overall opinion of the pattern – it’s a lovely variation of shell/fan stitch which is one of my favorite stitch patterns. The repeat pattern is easy enough to be classified as a project that can be done while watching TV or having a conversation, but it is involved enough that I didn’t become bored with it after a few rows. As I had previously mentioned the row ends were not what I expected but it worked fine and was much easier than doing half shells. I will be tucking that into my mental crochet technique library for future shell/fan designs that I do.

This is a very pretty design that can be easily modified to create a custom wrap for any occasion. I could see this being a lovely shawl for a bride to wear, or as a fun accessory for an evening out, or a smart stylish wrap for work. Very versatile pattern.

Thanks for reading!

~ Tami

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Here are some photos from the original pattern available on Ravelry – Dancing Butterflies Wrap designed by Erica Thomas.

42 responses to “Dancing Butterflies Crochet Wrap

  1. Tami ~ I just realized I’ve tagged, or saved or pinned (something) that pattern! I think I like your length better, and I love the way the yarn turned out.
    Good job!
    PS – duh! I will pin your shawl too!

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    • Thanks Meghan! I love the Unforgettable yarn and I was so happy I could make it work for this shawl – it really was the perfect weight, texture and colors! I am definitely going to be picking up more to make a sweater or another skirt with it! 😀

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    • Thank you Brenna! It’s really amazing how much different these two wraps look because of the yarn weight. Obviously it makes a difference, but it’s like they are two completely different patterns. The bulky one I’m keeping for myself to wear like a Super Scarf. I think the bright colors are going to be great for the dark winter months. 😀

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    • Thank you Kathy! I love the mix of colors in this too and the yarn itself has such an great shine and texture. I picked up 3 more skeins of this yarn in a gorgeous blue/purple/green combo called Dragonfly. I may try to tweak this stitch pattern a little bit more to make it a light short sleeve sweater. 😀

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    • Thanks!! It really is super airy and soft – that Unforgettable is my new favorite yarn!! It is a little pricey for me though. I love my affordable Red Heart Supersaver and Caron Simply Soft!!!!


      • I tend to go a little more expensive than the red heart so the unforgettable isn’t too bad for me. I also have a nice little 15% OFF discount card for a certain craft store and that helps A LOT! I splurged almost a year ago with 60% coupons in hand and bought a few skeins of alpaca. It’s still sitting in my stash waiting for me to make the project it was purchased for, lol.

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    • Thank you!! I had never used this yarn before and I just love it! The color combinations they have in this line are so gorgeous. I picked up a few more skeins the other day in Dragonfly which is a beautiful combination of purple, green and blue and can’t wait to use them!! 😀


  2. That is stunning! I love the yarn too, lovely colours. I’m not a huge shawl wearer but I love seeing the ones that other people make.

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    • Thanks Nikki!! I don’t really wear shawls much either. I have one that I keep on the back of my desk chair in case I get chilly but that’s it. I love seeing what other people make too. It always inspires me or I get some great ideas!! 😀


    • Thanks Theresa! I’m making another one and following the pattern as written. This one just needed me to make the stitches a little taller to adjust for the lighter weight yarn. Tell Erica I’m really excited because I’m in the process of trying to work her stitch pattern into a sweater design. Plus I think that I might also convert it from a rectangle wrap into a triangle shawl. It really is a fun and pretty stitch pattern that I want to use for other things. 😀

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  3. I’m so glad you liked the pattern! I think your mods look just beautiful with that yarn, great way to make the yarn shine! Thank you for featuring my humble first pattern on your blog 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Erica for popping by to take a peek! I really enjoyed your pattern. I’m so happy with how the taller stitch worked for the lighter yarn. I already have some ideas about using those stitches in other projects. I’m trying to figure out how to get those lovely butterflies into a light sweater!! I also want to try converting your lovely pattern into a triangle shawl too. Your pattern was more valuable to me than most other patterns because I WANT to use this stitch combination over and over again. Your Dancing Butterflies have really ignited my creative imagination. Thank you Erica!!! 😀


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