An Ode to Dearest Cobs

I was so delighted recently to find that a comment I posted on The Cobweborium Emporium inspired my dear blogger friend Cobs to design one of her beautiful hand crafted cards.

If you follow The Cobweborium Emporium already then you know just how wonderful and talented dear Cobs is. If you do not follow her blog then I’m sorry but you are missing out on something special and should start following her immediately!


Believe in Magic – is an example of the truly incredible and whimsical cards that Cobs designs.

And I do believe it is magical because it inspired me to write a little poem to thank Cobs for always giving me the gift of smiles, giggles and general warm fuzzy feelings.

This is my Ode to Dearest Cobs and it is filled to bursting with more “Squidges” than can be absorbed in a single day so that she will have a surplus of “Squidges” to last her for a very long time.

A Friendship Fairy

A Friendship Fairy touched my cheek
Her wings the brightest blue
Like dew drops kissed by sunshine
The loveliest of hues.
She beckoned me to follow her
To a special place she knew
Where like flowers in a garden
The kindest people grew.
We danced across the ocean waves
Both laughing as we flew
And when we landed, to my delight
She’d brought me straight to you!

Of course I also have hundreds of ideas for a Fairy worthy crochet project in my head but that will take a bit of time.

Thank you dearest dearest Cobs for not only reminding me to believe in magic but for also reminding me that there are lovely fairies right here on earth!

Thanks for reading!

~ Tami

35 responses to “An Ode to Dearest Cobs

    • You’re very welcome Tina! I was actually smiling when I read the Fairy poem you posted the other day because I had already written this one and it made me happy to see that fairy magic touches so many people! I cannot possibly say too many good things about Cobs – she is such a delightful person and I’m so glad that I (virtually) met her! 😀

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  1. Dearest, most sweetest Tami.
    The Land of the Fae is all the brighter and lighter for you being in its secret world today.

    Bless your beautiful heart for the truly wonderful poem. I was SO taken aback when I read it. I then read it out to Mr.Cobs and watched as his face grew from a sort of ‘listening, studying’ face, to a broad smile, twinkling eyes face.

    He then said …. “Have you told her yet?”
    “No, no. I haven’t yet,” I replied. “I was going to leave it and tell her on Monday as a surprise, to sort of begin her week off with a smile. But … I’m going to tell her now. It will make her Sunday even more smiley than it is,”

    So …. here I am. And I hope this will make your Sunday even more smiley . . .
    . . . that Fairy Dress Card was made especially for you. You were in my mind every step of the way. “would she like this blue …. or maybe pink? Yellow? No… Teal. Teal – with Teal Butterfly wings to match”.

    So the magic began, as I promised it would…. glittler was added; crystals; and of course … I couldn’t not add a crown (at a slightly jaunty angle). I tried to imagine your face and where it would be, and then just tilted the crown just a tiny bit – not too far because then it would fall off your little head!

    Then I photographed it. I had to photograph it then because what I was going to do next wouldn’t have shown up properly on the photographs …. so I took pictures and posted your handmade gown.

    However …. once I’d posted the photos, I continued to work on your card and it’s now finished. All that’s left for me to do now is …
    Send it to you. 🙂

    I would love to send you your Fairy Dress.
    But … I know that the giving of addresses and personal information is something that even I don’t recommend people do… so if you would rather not, then that’s entirely OK, and I will still love you to pieces. 🙂

    DON’T put any address details on the blog – here or on my blog – for that is way too dangerous. If you would like to accept the gift of the card, then email me your address.

    But … it’s ok if you prefer not to. I totally understand and ‘get it’.

    Thank you so much for my wonderful poem, and for the mention – mention? WHOLE BLOG POST about me. I’m currently waiting for my talent to show up but until then, I’ll continue to muddle through and make you smile.

    Thank you Tami. Bless your truly beautiful heart. I love you to pieces.
    Sending oodles of love and heaps of squidges ~ Cobs.x ❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜

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    • Dearest Cobs,
      I am absolutely squealing with delight!! I am so happy that you like your poem. Please be sure to read all of the comments too – there are so many people that know how wonderful you are!
      I have sent you an email with all of my information. I will be pitching a tent and sleeping right next to my mailbox so that I will receive the precious precious card the moment it arrives!
      You dear Cobs are a treasure on this earth and I am grateful and honored to say that you are my friend!
      Sending you the squidgiest of squidgy blessings!!
      ~ Tami

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    • Thank you Hannah!! I love the card too! At first I thought that she was just inspired by my comment, but then she said she made it to send to me!! I was so happy that I inspired her but I’m not going to lie – I am jumping for joy and over the moon that she’s giving it to me!!! I’m already trying to decide where to display it. Cobs is one of the most talented and kindest bloggers I’ve met. I love her posts they always have me giggling! 😀


    • Thank you Jane! The card is amazing. Cobs is such a wonderful artist. I love all of her cards but I’m going to have to say that this one is obviously my very favorite!! 😀

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  2. That card is beautiful!! I’ve just followed her blog, i love faeries and anything elf or pixie like. Your poem is really precious as well made me smile, thanks Tami. So excited for you that she’s gifting you the card ❤ ahhh such lovely people in this world make me happy. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Awww thanks Rebecca!! Even though it was Cob’s magical card that got the words flowing, I was thinking of all of the awesome people I’ve met in the last 6 months (especially you!) when I wrote that poem. 😀
      I am ridiculously excited and so honored that she’s sending me the card!!! I’m going to get a frame for it so I can hang it on the wall where it will be safe and I can look at it whenever I need a dose of happy!! 😀

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