Bright and Bold Crochet Blanket

I’ve been wanting to learn how to make a corner to corner crochet blanket for a while so I finally decided to give it a go. 

My verdict:

I love everything about C2C!! Why have I never done this before!?!

happy c2c 1

I decided to go with some bright, happy, bold colors for this blanket because I made it for a very bright and bold person that deserves all of the happiness that life can offer.

I follow and read so many different types of blogs. Crochet, knitting, crafts, gardening, recipes, writers etc etc. I’ve met so many amazing and talented people. I’ve gotten some great ideas, inspiration, tips, tricks, and hundreds of smiles and giggles plus a few tears from everyone.

Some of the people I’ve met through blogging I am so happy to call friends even if we never meet in person.

Ricci is one of those people. I started following Ricci’s blog Hello World Goodnight Universe several months ago. Her personal story touched my heart. There are tons of inspirational and motivational blogs out there, but Ricci’s goes beyond just words with a flashy picture. You can tell that Ricci’s messages of hope and love are sincere and heartfelt. Every single one of her posts makes me smile or just feel better about myself and the world. Ricci deserves this bright, bold, happy blanket. And I feel so honored to have met her and to have the opportunity to make something for her that I hope will make her smile. 😀

Happy c2c

How I Made this C2C Blanket

There are a couple of different ways to make a corner to corner blanket. I went with the block of three double crochet stitch method. I also saw a video tutorial on using just regular double crochet with increase stitches at the beginning and end of each row. I may try that method another time. The 3 stitch block seems to be the most popular way to C2C and I really liked it.

This works up really fast. I had a lot of color changes so there were a ton of ends to deal with but that is something that can’t be avoided when you want to use a lot of color.

I had several leftover single skeins of bright colors and some fun yarn that was given to me by my mother in law that I used to add a bit of texture to this blanket.

stash surprise 3

I will definitely be making more C2C blankets. In fact, I have to make three blankets for Christmas gifts and they will all be corner to corner!!

Here are links to the video tutorials that I used to learn how to c2c:

And the alternate standard double crochet with increase at the start and end of each row:

If you have been wanting to try out C2C – go for it!! I’m sorry that I never tried it sooner. It’s fast, fun and easy enough to do when you just want to shut down and yarn over!!

I’m going to be trying to tackle a graphgan next using C2C. It’s going to be a surprise blanket for hubby!! I’m excited to get started. 😀

Thanks for reading and please take a minute to check out Ricci’s blog especially if you like to feel good about life. 😀

~ Tami

82 responses to “Bright and Bold Crochet Blanket

  1. Yet again I’ve bookmarked a post of yours (second time today!). This looks great and now I want to make one. I’ve got your post saved for future reference!

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    • Awesome! Thank you Tony! I also have you to thank for a few books that are on my to buy list and you’ve inspired me to learn pineapple lace for a shawl I need to make next month! 😀

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    • It’s really fun! I think you’ll like it!!! 😀 😀 I made a list of projects that I need to do for the next couple of months and C2C wasn’t even on the list LOL!! So much for trying to plan my time. 😀

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  3. Once again, Tami, so pretty! I love hearing about projects that work up fast! I have to make them fast before some other pretty thing comes along and takes my attention away. 🙂

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    • Thanks Claire!! My mother in law came across a bag of all kinds of unique yarn at a yard sale and picked it up for me. I was literally squealing as I went through the bag!! 😀

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    • It’s so fun!! And it works up so quick I didn’t have time to get bored with it! I almost did before I started the decrease rounds but then it became interesting again because each row was going quicker! I have no idea why I never did c2c before, I love it!! 😀

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      • Yaaaaaaaas! It’s like oooo fun and then fuck it’s huge 😂 decreasing is fun it’s really. It’s just bloody awesome, no chaining no working that first row just straight up go go go. You can do everything with c2c even scarves!!!

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      • Oh my god do you remember one of the very first comment conversations we had?? It was about making blankets way way way too big!!!! I still have this huge huge huge blanket I made that I need to either pull it apart or get rid of it. Maybe I’ll just throw it on the floor and let the dogs have it for a big dog bed. LOLOL

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      • hahahahaha i do!! fuck do you?? Maybe it can be one of those things to finish for the winter? I still have mine i keep thinking yes no cba yes no cba. LMAO OR yes, dog bed sounds fine and dandy, the easy way out lololol

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    • Thanks Brenna!! I love Ricci’s blog and I’m so happy to make something for her. I don’t know why it took me so long to give c2c a try but I’m so glad I did! I will definitely be making more blankets using it. I’m actually waiting on a yarn delivery that I ordered for my next blanket which I’m super excited to get started on. Of course I ended up ordering a lot more yarn than what I needed for that project but Red Heart had a flash sale and I couldn’t resist!! 😀 😀 😀

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    • Thanks Theresa! It was fun to pick out the colors that I thought best represented her bright personality. I sent her a picture of it and she loves it so I’m excited to get it in the mail to her. 😀

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      • It’s funny you ask about the Mindful Mandala Theresa because I’ve been thinking about it lately. It’s an incredibly beautiful design but I think that I’ve lost the desire to continue with it because it is someone else’s pattern. I think that when I do pick it up again I’m going to go free hand and make up the rest as I go along. Similar to how I made my skirt. When I first started the mandala I considered myself a competent crocheter at best. Since then I have grown so much in my confidence and ability to design my own things that the thought of continuing with someone else’s design just isn’t as appealing. Going free hand for the rest of the mandala probably won’t end up as spectacular as the original design, but it will be spectacularly original instead. I hope. 🙂

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      • I like that you are going to make it your own. That is definitely the way to go. When you find yourself feeling constricted by an outside constraint, the thing to do (it takes courage and a good sense of self) is to tailor it to what will work for YOU! Yay! Nice job “coloring outside the lines”! And I’m confident the project will be even more spectacular!

        … that’s what I did with my little book reports that I do for myself to learn writing. I’ve probably written over 100 of these, including the ones I did in grad. school. After a read a book, I write a little mini-report for myself, that includes a summary, “what I liked” (which is how I learn from the book), “what I didn’t like” (because I often don’t like the ending, or whatever), and then a one-line catchphrase for the book. But, I had a stack of 6-8 books sitting on my desk that I just couldn’t bring myself to write up. Ugh. Finally, two days ago, it hit me: I was bored with the write-ups! I was dreading doing another one! So, I switched it up, tried something visual – and that’s what I ended up posting an example of on my blog – and it was so invigorating! I even lost track of time when I was doing it. Hah!

        So, good for you! I’ll be looking forward to hearing more! 🙂

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      • What a fantastic exercise Theresa! I’m getting better at trusting my skill level vs what I think I can do. It’s great to follow someone else’s lead until you gain the necessary knowledge to strike out on your own. I love that you got so involved that you lost track of time. I must be in the same creative loop lately because the time keeps slipping by so fast – and yet my list of what I want to do next keeps growing and growing!! 😀

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  4. Oh you clever, clever, amazing girl!
    You do know, don’t you, that you accidentally made a Unicorn Blanket? They are SO difficult to come by and only ever made by people who have been blessed with magical fingers! These Unicorn Blankets normally lay on the backs of Unicorns, during the evening and night times, to keep them warm and keep the chilly draughts away.

    But … it being sent to the lovely Ricci is right. I’ve read a little of her blog (thank you for the link Tami) and can clearly see that here is it’s rightful place. Your blanket made of magic and love, really does belong with Ricci. The blanket and Ricci give off the same vibe. I get the same feeling from Ricci’s words and from looking at the blanket. They belong.

    You have such a wonderful talent Tami, and I love that you have no idea about how incredible you are.
    Take it from me … you are.
    Sending you much love ~ Cobs. xxx 🍁🍂 🍁🍂 🍁

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    • Oh dear Cobs that is brilliant!! I will be updating my resume to include Unicorn Tack Designer and try to find a new job straight away making Unicorn blankets!!!
      Any incredibleness that I have is fueled entirely by angels like you dear dear Cobs!
      ~ Tami ❤ ❤ ❤

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      • Aww Tami …I just come along and give it a name … you do the rest yourself.

        If you sell your blankets … I have a feeling that giving them names which suit their colours and patterns, might just make the imagination of a buyer come alive and allow them to see the magic of what they’re looking at.
        Squidges to you, my fabulously talented friend. ~ Cobs. x 🌷🌷🌷

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    • OK ladies your kind and lovingwords made me cry.. I am so blessed to have you in my life Tami during a very difficult and dark time in my life you have brought color back to me and Cobs thank you for your words too.. My blanket lays across my bed in my bus and brings a smile to my face every day… I have no other words to say to both of you only love from the depths of my heart and soul.. Much love, happiness and peace within to you both… Today, forever and beyond! xoxox love always, Ricci🤗

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      • Oh Ricci you are such a special person! I am blessed to have met you and doubly blessed that I could make your days a little brighter!! I should be the one thanking you!!
        Sending you peace and love and positive energy on your healing journey!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


      • Dearest Ricci.
        You are a beautiful soul inside a human body. You are on a journey, and it’s one which life needs you to complete, for only in completing that journey will you know where next you need to be.

        May your God go with you where ever you are, and may He hold you in the palm of His hand.

        Sending you much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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      • My dear Cobs… When I was reading your comment on Tami’s blog it truly touched my hear as your comment hear also made me cry… Not sad tears yet years nonetheless… Yes this journey I’m about to embark on is huge and must be done in order for me to move forward and I am so blessed that my God has blessed me with special souls such as yourself and Tami to be on this journey with me.. Thank you so much for your mind and beautiful words… I am grateful 🙏💕🙏 … much love to you always my friend… Always 💕😘💕..Ricci xoxo

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    • Thank you Robin!! Ricci is so positive and optimistic – she’s like a bright star in the sky that stands out brighter than the others.
      I think you’re really going to like c2c and you will be whipping up your precious baby blankets faster than you can buy yarn for them!!! 😀 😀 😀

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  5. I JUST took a class on this at my local yarn store! 😎 I made a boring kitchen towel.
    Yours, however, is BEAUTIFUL! Now, I think I want to give it another try with something other than kitchen cotton 😝

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    • I don’t know why I never did this before!! I should be making kitchen towels – I really need some! I liked using the different textured yarns for this to give it that little extra wow factor. 😀 😀 😀

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      • Tami, that reminds me, I’ve seen a lot of little dishcloths made this way. With really soft yarn it would make a really nice facecloth…. oooo, make a small baby-size washcloth, and then make a larger cotton towel …great gift set for a new mom.

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      • That is a fantastic idea Jan!!! Of course now I’m wondering if I could make a whole set of towels and washcloths for my own bathroom, oh and might as well make a rug too!!! The big bonus here is I will need to go buy yarn for all of these!!
        You are going to get me into trouble Jan!! I should be working on the list of things I need to make before Christmas. Well it is still only September……. I have plenty of time……. right?? LOL!!!!


  6. This is beautiful! Believe it or not, after so many years crocheting, I’ve still not mustered up the courage to do a corner to corner….I have a friend who just started learning to crochet in April and is working on a C2C now (and has had to undo two full skeins from it twice now…but he’s trying!)

    But this blanket is gorgeous! I love the colors!

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    • Thank you Kati!! I was the same – I’ve been crocheting for longer than I can remember and for some reason c2c looked intimidating! It is really easy once you get going on it. Good for your friend keeping at it! It’s so frustrating to have to pull something apart! 😀


    • Thank you Nicola!! It really is such a fast and fun technique!! I have 3 more blankets I need to make before Christmas and I will be doing C2C for all of them!! 😀


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